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Best Air Fresheners for Commercial Spaces

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From strong coffees and aromatic lunches to cleaning products, the outdoor fumes of bustling cities, and unpleasant smells from urinals and toilets, all kinds of pungent odors linger in commercial establishments, be it offices , public restrooms, restaurants, or educational facilities. 

Other smelly culprits, including carpets and rainy, hot, and humid weather, can also add to the unappealing scent profile of commercial establishments- especially in small spaces like offices!

If your business desperately needs a refresh, keep reading to discover how you can transform it into a fragrant and inviting workspace! From the benefits of using commercial air fresheners, to types, and top products, you'll find all the information you need to achieve a delightfully scented work environment and restroom in our complete guide.

Commercial Air Freshener

The Benefits of Using Commercial Air Fresheners for Odor Control

Infusing your workspace and restrooms with an air freshener unleashes a range of advantages! Whether you run an office, restaurant, educational facility, medical center, or store, your establishment can enjoy these brilliant benefits:

Enhanced Air Quality:

Adding a strong fragrance, be it almond blossom or lemon verbena, to your workspace and restrooms will eliminate odors and improve the overall air quality of your commercial space. This will enhance air quality and encourage a pleasant atmosphere for both employees and visitors.

Improved Employee Productivity:

Studies suggest fragrances affect people's working capacity. A pleasant smell can supposedly uplift one's mood and boost workflow, ensuring a productive space.

Stress Reduction:

Research shows that certain scents, particularly lavender, reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. By releasing such fragrances in workspaces that are high-stress environments, such as an office space, you can create a more relaxed atmosphere that supports the mental and emotional well-being of employees.

Cost Effective:

Air fresheners are a cost effective solution for odor control, especially when compared to expensive renovations, such as installing ventilation systems or extra windows.


With so many scents available to choose from, you can easily customize your commercial establishment’s smell. Whether you're seeking something fresh and energizing, like bergamot, or something cozy and comforting, such as vanilla and sandalwood, you'll have no trouble finding the right fragrance for every preference and mood.

Commercial Air Freshener

Types of Air Fresheners: Which is Best for Your Business?

From innovative plug-ins to natural essential oils, there are many types of air fresheners with their own unique qualities. Explore the different varieties below to discover which is right for your business:

Spray/Mist Air Freshener: Spray or mist air fresheners come in a liquid form that's dispensed from a handheld aerosol or spray pump. They are fantastic for instantly refreshing an entire space, such as offices and restrooms, and can also be used to spot-spray particularly smelly spots.

Scented Oil: Scented oil air fresheners are concentrated fragrances that either contain natural essential oils or artificial perfumes. Because of their intensity, scented oils are released slowly, usually in an oil diffuser. They are well-suited to larger spaces that require continuous freshening, including break rooms, hallways, and reception areas.

Powder Air Freshener: Powder air freshener formulas are sprinkled onto various types of fabrics, including carpets and upholstered furniture. They neutralize smells by absorbing moisture, trapping odor molecules in the powder, and releasing pleasant aromas. This freshener type is perfect for carpeted offices with high foot traffic, and spaces prone to food and drink spills, such as break room seating and restaurant dining areas.

Evaporating Gel: This solid air freshener formula slowly evaporates, releasing fragrances into the air. They are long-lasting, making them ideal for office areas with strong ongoing odors, such as kitchens and restrooms.

Automatic Dispensers: Automatic dispensers, such as the TimeMist Settings Metered Air Freshener Dispenser , use an automated spray mechanism that releases bursts of fragrance at specific times. This hands-free solution is superb for busy office spaces, restrooms, and conference spaces where manual air freshening is impractical.

Enzyme Digesters: Enzyme digesters break down different organic matter that cause unpleasant smells, such as food and drink spills. Because this type of air freshener tackles odors caused by organic waste, it's great for areas where food and drink are handled, including restaurant seating areas, kitchens, and common areas. Enzyme digesters are also perfect for pet-friendly spaces, such as veterinarian clinics, doggy-day care facilities, and grooming parlors!

Top 6 Commercial Air Fresheners

Top 6 Best Air Fresheners for Commercial Spaces

There are many excellent office air freshener brands to choose from, each offering a range of unique scents and formulas that suit different preferences and needs. 

From the fruity and fresh scents of AirWick to heavy-duty concentrated fresheners by Big D Industries, you're bound to discover the best odor control solution for your business. Here are some top-sellers worth considering:

#1 Fresh Products: Eco Air 30 Day Air Freshener Refill, Mango

Fresh Products' Eco Air 30-Day Air Freshener Refill in Mango offers a uninterrupted fruity freshness for an entire month, making it both exceptionally low maintenance and budget-friendly. 

Unlike traditional aerosol dispensers, this product is placed in the Eco Air Dispenser Cabinet by Fresh Products , which doesn't require any batteries and features a recyclable outer-shell, making it perfect for eco-conscious businesses.

#2 Febreze AIR: Hawaiian Aloha Aerosol

Febreze Air's Hawaiian Aloha Aerosol instantly masks unpleasant smells with a tropical, fruity burst of fragrance. This handheld spray is incredibly versatile, making it ideal for all over use. Whether you need to refresh restrooms, common areas, workstations, or hallways, this delightful fragrance will immediately transform your workspace into an exotic oasis!

#3 Arm & Hammer: Baking Soda Air Freshener, Light Fresh

Using the power of baking soda to neutralize odors, the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Air Freshener serves as a straightforward and equally effective aerosol solution for eliminating unpleasant smells. Not only does this product combat odors, but it also releases a refreshing and clean scent.

This gentle, odor neutralizing formula is ideal for spaces where individuals are sensitive to chemical fragrances, such as day-care centers, medical clinics, nursing homes, schools, and so forth. It’s also an effective solution in waiting rooms, offices, and hallways. 

#4 BRIGHT Air: Scented Oil Air Freshener, Hawaiian Blossoms, Papaya, and Orange

The Scented Oil Air Freshener by BRIGHT AIR delivers 24/7 odor control that will turn your commercial establishment into a tropical haven. With no plug-ins or batteries needed, this oil diffuser is both convenient and simple to use. It's also free from toxic phthalates and parabens, making it ideal for health-conscious spaces, such as medical clinics. 

#5 BRIGHT Air: Super Odor Eliminator, Cool and Clean

The BRIGHT AIR Super Odor Eliminator is an evaporating gel formula infused with natural oils. This low-maintenance, slow release product consistently delivers a refreshing 'Cool and Clean' scent for up to 60 days, so you can enjoy a pleasant smelling work atmosphere without the hassle of continual replacements or manual applications. 

This product is popular among businesses with persistent odors, such as office, restaurant, or cafeteria kitchens and public restrooms. 

#6 Enzym D: Digester Liquid Deodorant, Lemon

The Enzym D® Digester Liquid Deodorant features an innovative enzyme formula that digests and eliminates the offensive odor of decaying organic matter, such as food, in minutes, making it superb for restaurants, cafeterias, and any other space that handles food. 

This product is also championed for its effectiveness in banishing uric acid (the smelly chemical in urine), making it well-suited to busy restrooms; you can also apply this product to upholstery, tiles, and carpets.

Shop the Best Air Fresheners Today at Buy Direct!

If your establishment is in desperate need of a refresh, shop our entire selection of odor control products today at Buy Direct. Whether you're seeking automatic dispensers, refills, aerosols, or odor digesters, you'll find hundreds of refreshing products from top-selling brands like Febreze, TimeMist, Arm & Hammer, and more!

If you found this article helpful, check out more insightful guides on our blog today!

Commercial Air Freshener


Got a question about air fresheners for commercial spaces? Find your answers below:

What Is the Most Effective Air Freshener?

Different air freshener formulas are suited to specific needs. If you're seeking a versatile odor eliminator that can quickly mask a range of smells, a spray/mist solution is likely the best option. 

If you want a low-maintenance solution that offers continual fragrance, choose a scented oil or evaporated gel air freshener. Or perhaps, if you're tackling odors that linger in upholstery and carpets, opt for a powder formula. 

At Buy Direct, we have an effective solution for every kind of odor. Discover our full range of odor control products today!

What Type of Air Freshener Lasts the Longest?

The air freshener formulas that last the longest include evaporating gels and scented oils. These products gradually release fragrances over an extended period, usually a month or longer, ensuring continuous freshness. Shop a range of long-lasting and budget-friendly evaporating gels and scented oils at Buy Direct today.

What Is the Best Scent for an Office?

Fresh and invigorating scents, such as citrus, are excellent for boosting productivity while maintaining pleasant air quality in an office. Alternatively, you can also opt for calming florals, such as lavender, to reduce stress in your workspace and foster a relaxing environment. Browse a range of office scents, including fruity tropicals and blooming florals, at Buy Direct.