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Work Comfortably With The Help of Ergonomic Footstools and Back Supports

Do you struggle with back pain, joint stiffness, or neck and shoulder pain when working at your desk, driving, walking, or lifting heavy loads? It sounds like you need extra support.

Discover a vast selection of ergonomic footstools and back support accessories at Buy Direct. From adjustable footrests to plush memory foam seat cushions and secure backrests, you'll find hundreds of premium back supports suited to various needs and preferences.

Shop our complete range today and get 20% off your first order!

Brilliant Benefits of Using Foot Stools and Back Supports

By adding ergonomic foot stools and back supports to your office set-up, you'll be able to enjoy these wondrous benefits:

Enhanced Comfort: Our selection of back supports and foot stalls are ergonomically crafted with premium materials, including memory foam, temperature-regulating gel, and breathable mesh, which upgrades the comfort of desk chairs, allowing you to relax and work easily.

Sitting Posture Support: Our selection of backrests, cushions, braces, and footstools provide ergonomic support that encourages a healthy sitting posture and makes it easier and comfier to sit down for longer durations.

Pain Relief: Each type of seating support delivers targeted pain relief for various problems associated with prolonged seating and poor posture, including joint stiffness, lumbar pain, muscle aches, and much more!

Improved Stability: Back supports and footrests provide the spine, lumbar region, and legs with extra stability by anchoring the body in a stable position. This prevents excessive shifting and encourages a consistently comfortable seated position.

Reduced Pressure on the Lower Body: Back supports, particularly seat cushions and footstools, distribute lower body weight evenly, reducing pressure on hips, glutes, sit bones, knees, and feet. This effectively relieves discomfort caused by constant downward pressure.

Increased Productivity: By offering improved comfort and support, back supports and footrests reduce pain and discomfort associated with sitting down for prolonged moments, allowing you to focus on your work. This translates to enhanced concentration and productivity.

Foot Stools Vs Back Supports: Which Is Better?

Foot stools and back supports are equally beneficial. Foot stools are a perfect solution for anyone seeking to reduce pressure on their knees and hips while improving blood circulation.

Back supports are fantastic if you want to promote a healthy spinal curvature while alleviating lower back and shoulder strain.

Incorporating both accessories into your desk set-up will enhance your desk chair's ergonomic comfort. This will ensure balanced support while reducing the risk of strain and discomfort when sitting down for a long time.

Discover Our Top-Selling Footstools and Back Support Products

We offer a vast assortment of foot stools and back support accessories suited to various needs and preferences. All our products are equally beneficial in their own way. However, there are some that stand out as particularly popular among our customers, offering exceptional ergonomic support, comfort, durability, and pain relief.

Here are our top five best-sellers worth checking out:

#1 ProFlex 2000SF High-Performance Spandex Back Support by Ergodyne

If you slouch when working at your desk and/or experience pain in your shoulders, neck, and lower back, the specialized ProFlex 2000SF High-Performance Spandex Back Support Ergodyne is the perfect solution.

This product is also recommended for anyone who carries out strenuous physical activities in their daily work routine, such as lifting heavy boxes in warehouse environments.

Designed with stretchy, breathable spandex, this back support brace ensures comfortable movement and a custom-contoured fit and provides lumbar support and spinal alignment, reducing the risk of injury and discomfort during excessive lifting or prolonged sitting.

#2 Memory Foam Seat Rest by Kensington

Originally designed by NASA to relive astronauts of G-force during lift-off, the innovative Memory Foam Seat Rest by Kensington delivers sturdy and consistent comfort that's out of this world!

The viscoelastic memory foam cushioning relieves pressure on the sit bones and glutes by adapting to your body's contours and encouraging even distribution of weight, so you don't have to worry about aches and discomfort when sitting down for longer moments.

#3 Ergo Tilt Footrest by Alera

The compact Ergo Tilt Footrest by Alera is the perfect under-desk companion for anyone susceptible to pins and needles, knee strain, and pelvic discomfort.

It features an adjustable tilting mechanism that delivers personalized ergonomic alignment, a ribbed surface to ensure non-slip comfort, and protective floor pads that keep the footrest securely in place while preventing damage to your office flooring.

#4 Mesh Backrest by Safco

Whether you're a truck driver or office worker, the incredibly light and breathable Mesh Backrest by Safco is the perfect solution for anyone who needs extra seated support throughout the day.

Its airy mesh construction promotes airflow, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable (even in hot weather!), while its exceptionally lightweight design provides easy portability, so you can apply it to many settings.

#5 AFS-TEX Dynamic Foot Rest by Floortex

The unique AFS-TEX Dynamic Foot Rest by Floortex encourages lower body movement when sitting down for a long time. This encourages blood flow and stimulates the body's metabolism, preventing uncomfortable cramps, painful aches, and pesky pins and needles.

Not only does this handy gadget keep the body active, it also helps with concentration. Its wobbly, rolling design improves concentration, aligning with research that suggests fidgeting can boost focus and productivity, so you can enjoy better workflow and comfort!


If you have any questions about our Foot Stall and Back Support collection, check out these ready-answered FAQs:

Do Foot Stools Help Posture?

Absolutely! Foot stools are brilliant supports that relieve pressure on the lower back during active sitting, while reducing knee strain and offering more stability. They also promote better blood circulation, which keeps pesky pins and needles in your legs and feet at bay.

If you want to improve your posture and relieve lower back pain and strain while you work hard, discover our collection of ergonomic foot stools, lumbar supports, backrests and braces at Buy Direct today.

Should I Use a Footrest At My Desk?

Using a desk footrest can significantly improve your comfort while you work, especially if you struggle with low back pain, knee stiffness, and poor blood circulation. They work by encouraging your body to sit in a neutral position that promotes good posture, alleviates tension, and encourages blood flow.

If you want to add a desk foot rest to your work set-up, discover a wide selection of ergonomic stools at Buy Direct. From memory foam support to adjustable designs, we have foot stalls suited to every preference and need. Shop our premium collection today and enjoy 20% off your first order!

How Do I Support My Back in an Office Chair?

Back braces, backrests, and seat cushions are the most effective back supports for sitting in an office chair.

Back braces encourage proper spinal alignment, making them perfect for people with lower back or shoulder pain. Not only can back braces promote a straighter spine, but they also deliver support when in a seated position, which reduces overall strain and tension.

Backrests provide ergonomic support to the entire back, while reducing spinal strain and promoting a healthy seated position during desk work. This handy accessory is especially beneficial to anyone suffering from upper back pain. It's also great for anyone seeking full-back support.

Seat cushions are a perfect choice for people who want added comfort and pressure relief when sitting at a desk. They add plushness to desk seats that evenly distribute body weight. This relieves tension in the lumbar region, hips, sit bones, and glutes.

If you're interested in buying seat cushions, backrests, or back braces, explore our complete Back Support collection at Buy Direct today. We offer a variety of premium, soft, and supportive solutions that will instantly melt tension away and encourage a comfortable and productive workflow. Upgrade your desk chair with our curated range!

What Are Back Braces?

Back braces are a type of wearable support that wraps around the shoulders and lower body. They create a supportive compression that delivers stability to the lumbar area and encourages better posture. In doing so, back braces help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by sitting at a desk for long periods.

If you're thinking about getting a back brace, discover our bespoke selection in our budget-friendly Back Support collection. Shop today at Buy Direct!

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