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Improve Your Establishment's Presentation with Our Organized Literature Racks & Display Cases

We have hundreds of literature racks and display cases that are perfect for displaying brochures, magazines, leaflets, booklets, and much more.

From free-standing units to wall-mounted cases, you'll find loads of affordable designs from leading brands, including Safco and Deflecto. Discover our entire selection today at Buy Direct!

Why Shop Literature Racks & Display Cases at Buy Direct?

By shopping at Buy Direct, you can access hundreds of top-selling literature racks and display cases from trusted, leading brands like Safco, Deflecto, and Impact for unbeatable prices! This means you can choose affordable products without compromising on quality.

Our diverse selection is suited to every industry, be it food service, medical, education, retail, or travel, so you can effortlessly find the right literature racks or display cases for your establishment.

Explore our entire collection today and enjoy 20% off your first order!

Discover Our Top-Selling Literature Holders and Display Cases

If you're unsure of which holders or cases to choose, check out our best-sellers:

#1 Outdoor Literature Box by Deflecto

The Outdoor Literature Box by Deflecto is a brilliant solution for businesses and organizations looking for a durable display that showcases information in outdoor settings. For example, real estate agents seeking to provide property flyers or local community centers that want to share information with local residents.

This outdoor literature box can be post and pole mounting, making it incredibly versatile. It's also UV-resistant, ensuring information stored inside won't fade from sunlight exposure.

#2 3-Tier Document Organizer with 6 Removable Dividers by Deflecto

Deflecto's 3-Tier Document Organizer delivers a versatile and convenient way to display various materials. Boasting six removable dividers, you can customize the configuration of displays to suit your establishment's needs. You even have the option to present it as a free-standing desk-top organizer or have it wall-mounted.

Each segment is large enough for A4 paper, making it superb for a variety of materials, including magazines, important documents, letters, and pamphlets/leaflets. Furthermore, this organizer has a ribbed base in each compartment to prevent documents from drooping and promote professional and neat presentation.

#3 Stand-Tall Wall-Mount Literature Rack by Deflecto

If you need a presentable literature rack, that's exceptionally robust, the Stand-Tall Wall-Mount Literature Rack by Deflecto is a brilliant choice!

This contemporary rack delivers the same sleek look as glass but without the worry of breakage, as it's thoughtfully crafted with crystal-clear acrylic plastic.It's particularly ideal for showcasing brochures, catalogs, and promotional materials in all sorts of settings, be it a trade showroom, office, or waiting room.

This display features a unique tension bracket that holds materials upright, ensuring clear visibility and a consistently tidy appearance. It also has an innovative stair-step design that stops displayed materials from sliding around, ensuring sturdiness.

#4 Onyx Mesh Literature Rack by Safco

Safco's Onyx Mesh Literature Rack is specially designed to hold books and magazines, making it a wonderful match for schools, universities, libraries, receptions, waiting rooms, and office break rooms.

Designed with a sturdy and long-lasting coated metal structure, this literature holder boasts exceptional longevity and sturdiness, so you can trust all your documents are being stored securely.

This wall-mounted literature rack even makes installation seamless thanks to its included wall-mounting hardware, so you don't need to worry about finding the right screws or wall brackets!

#5 Superior Image Slanted Sign Holder with Business Card Holder by Deflecto

The dual Superior Image Slanted Sign Holder with Business Card Holder by Deflecto is perfect for businesses that need to offer convenient access to business cards while maintaining a professional presentation, such as law firms and real estate agencies.

It's durable and thick-paneled sign holder is tightly sealed on three sides to keep your sign protected and secure. The slanted front display ensures for easy readability, preventing people from bending down to get a clearer look.

Upon purchasing this product, you can create your own signs for free with Deflecto's bespoke online SignCreatorâ„¢ software, which includes hundreds of useful templates that allow users to create custom professional signs that perfectly fit in the display!


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Literature Racks & Display Cases below:

Are Brochure Racks Worth It?

If your establishment is seeking to improve its presentation and organization while offering visitors and customers easy access to information, then brochure racks are absolutely worth it!
You can display a range of materials in brochure holders, including food menus, vacation brochures, promotional flyers, and much more.

If you're looking for presentable, high-quality brochure racks, explore our curated collection at Buy Direct today!

Are Literature Racks and Display Cases the Same?

Literature racks and display cases offer very similar purposes but differ slightly in terms of their design and main function. Literature racks, or literature holders, feature wide and deep pockets that are primarily made to hold brochures, pamphlets, and magazines.

Display cases are enclosed units with glass or acrylic plastic panels that showcase information, such as product or service prices and promotional details.

Whether you're seeking literature racks or display cases, Buy Direct has you covered. We offer a variety of high-quality racks and displays for unbeatable prices, so you'll have no trouble finding the perfect match for your company's needs and budget. Shop today and claim 20% off your first order!

What Businesses Use Literature Racks and Display Cases?

You'll often find literature racks and display cases in restaurants (particularly takeout restaurants showcasing menus), education institutes, law offices, hotels promoting excursions and services, trade shows, travel agencies advertising vacation packages, spas displaying treatment brochures, healthcare centers/doctor's offices, and retail stores.

If your establishment needs brochure holders or literature displays, Buy Direct offers an assortment of styles in various sizes. From wall-mounted brochure holders to floor-standing display showcases, we stock a diverse range of cases and racks suited to every type of business. Shop our complete collection today and enjoy 20% off your first order!

outdoor-literature-box-10w-x-4-5d-x-13-13h-clear-black 3-tier-document-organizer-w-6-removable-dividers-14w-x-3-5d-x-11-5h-clear 3-tier-literature-holder-leaflet-size-6-75w-x-6-94d-x-13-31h-black stand-tall-wall-mount-literature-rack-leaflet-4-56w-x-3-25d-x-11-88h-clear euro-style-docuholder-magazine-size-9-81w-x-6-31d-x11h-green-tinted onyx-mesh-literature-rack-five-compartments-10-25w-x-3-5d-x-28-33h-black 3-compartment-docuholder-magazine-size-9-5w-x-6-25d-x-12-63-clear superior-image-slanted-sign-holder-with-business-card-holder-8-5w-x-4-5d-x-11h-clear steel-magazine-rack-23-compartments-10w-x-4d-x-65-5h-black 3-tier-document-organizer-w-6-removable-dividers-13-38w-x-3-5d-x-11-5h-black reveal-clear-literature-displays-24-compartments-30w-x-2d-x-41h-clear reveal-clear-literature-displays-12-compartments-30w-x-2d-x-34-75h-clear stand-tall-wall-mount-literature-rack-magazine-9-13w-x-3-25d-x-11-88h-clear 3-tier-literature-holder-leaflet-size-11-25w-x-6-94d-x-13-31h-black docuholder-for-countertop-wall-mount-magazine-9-25w-x-3-75d-x-10-75h-clear steel-magazine-rack-11-compartments-10w-x-4d-x-36-25h-black onyx-mesh-literature-rack-ten-compartments-10-25w-x-3-5d-x-50-75h-black 4-compartment-docuholder-magazine-size-9-38w-x-7d-x-13-63h-clear 3-tier-literature-holder-leaflet-size-6-75w-x-6-94d-x-13-31h-silver 3-tier-literature-holder-leaflet-size-11-25w-x-6-94d-x-13-31h-silver superior-image-slanted-sign-holder-with-side-pocket-13-5w-x-4-25d-x-10-88h-clear docuholder-for-countertop-wall-mount-w-card-holder-4-38w-x-4-25d-x-7-75h-clear docuholder-for-countertop-wall-mount-booklet-size-6-5w-x-3-75d-x-7-75h-clear 4-compartment-docuholder-booklet-size-6-88w-x-6-25d-x-10h-clear 6-compartment-docuholder-leaflet-size-9-63w-x-6-25d-x-12-63h-clear 4-compartment-docuholder-leaflet-size-4-88w-x-6-13d-x-10h-clear superior-image-slanted-sign-holder-with-front-pocket-9w-x-4-5d-x-10-75h-clear steel-magazine-rack-11-compartments-10w-x-4d-x-36-25h-gray onyx-mesh-rotating-magazine-display-30-compartments-16-5w-x-16-5d-x-66h-black reveal-clear-literature-displays-12-compartments-30w-x-2d-x-49h-clear wall-literature-display-13w-x-3-5d-x-28-5h-silver-gray-transluscent deluxe-reversible-right-to-know-understand-sds-center-14-5w-x-5-2d-x-21h-red-yellow stand-tall-9-bin-wall-mount-literature-rack-mag-27-5w-x-3-38d-x-35-63h-clear-black wire-rotary-display-racks-16-compartments-15w-x-15d-x-60h-charcoal luxe-magazine-rack-3-compartments-31-75w-x-5d-x-15-25h-clear-silver e-z-stor-steel-project-centers-wall-mount-bracket-set-black reveal-clear-literature-displays-9-compartments-30w-x-2d-x-22-5h-clear onyx-magazine-floor-rack-12-5w-x-18-5d-x-46h-black reveal-clear-literature-displays-18-compartments-30w-x-2d-x-45h-clear docuholder-for-countertop-wall-mount-leaflet-size-4-25w-x-3-25d-x-7-75h-clear reveal-clear-literature-displays-9-compartments-30w-x-2d-x-36-75h-clear reveal-clear-literature-displays-12-compartments-30w-x-2d-x-20-25h-clear