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Shop Quality Industrial Hand Tools

Whether you're stocking up your warehouse or school supply closet, make sure you've always got the right tool on hand with our collection of industrial hand tools.

At Buy Direct, we understand the need for top-quality tools that meet the highest standards and allow you to work efficiently – that's why we stock a variety of leading brands, including Stanley, Westcott, Great Neck, and COSCO.

Shop everything from pliers and wrenches to screwdrivers and scissors to help your maintenance and repair teams complete the job with speed and accuracy, no matter how big or small.

Hand Tools for Cutting and Crafting

The best hand cutting tools have the ability to tackle everything from light paper to thick fabric, making those heavy-duty cutting jobs much easier. Find the best selection for your office, factory, or retail store below:

Shears and Scissors

Ideal for fabric or carpet, shears are highly versatile tools that cut through materials both quickly and accurately. This is thanks to their unique design, with one rounded bow handle for the thumb and another elliptical bow to hold two or more fingers.

Our bestsellers are the Westcott Value Line Stainless Steel Shears, which are resistant to rust and corrosion. With comfortable plastic handles, these shears are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for cutting through paper, ribbons, and photos.

Alternatively, scissors are a great option for general office use, especially when it comes to cutting paper and important documents. If you're looking for sharp blades, we'd recommend the Universal General Purpose Stainless Steel Scissors. The offset, contoured plastic handles also offer improved ergonomics and a more comfortable, secure grip when cutting.


Discover a razor-sharp range of retractable knife blades and multi-purpose hand tools that are made to cut everything from cardboard boxes to thick joints of meat!

Utility knives are ideal for a variety of industries, from the restaurant trade to factories and warehouses. They feature a long, narrow blade that is lightweight and easy to carry, making it a great tool for construction projects where plastic or wood materials need to be trimmed.

For instance, featuring a die-cast handle, the Stanley Classic 99 Utility Knife stores three retractable, heavy-duty blades for three unique cutting positions.

Whether cutting cardboard in warehouses or opening boxes to restock retail shelves, try the Slice Box Cutters. Their ceramic safety blades are durable, yet finger-friendly, and the safer ergo handle wraps around your hand to provide protection while achieving the perfect cutting angle.

While a straight handled knife like the Stanley w/Retractable 13 Point Snap-Off Blade delivers fresh, sharp cutting points for light trimming duties, putty knives are better for heavy construction or maintenance jobs.

With a stiff blade and black plastic handle, the Great Neck Putty Knife makes an essential addition to any drywaller's toolbox. This versatile tool can also be used to hide nail holes, scrape surfaces, spread materials like plaster, remove baseboards, clean grills, and even flip burgers!

Tool Kits

Discover our selection of tool kits and bags, which are designed to make your tools more accessible. No longer will you need to waste time tracking down your wrenches and pliers before starting a job – instead, simply grab your tool set and get straight to work!

Here are some of our best-selling tool kit options:

#1 Great Neck 119-Piece Tool Kit

The Great Neck 119-Piece Kit is crafted for convenience with a mix of reliable hand tools, including:

- 30 sockets
- Drive ratchet
- Spark plug socket
- Extension bars
- Wrenches
- Pliers
- 39 bits with holder
- 24 hex keys
- Hammer
- Torpedo level
- Tape measure
- Screwdrivers

Every tool is made with drop forged steel for strength and durability, while also being chrome plated to resist rust. This comprehensive kit comes in a sturdy hard case for easy transport, and is designed for everything from small home and office repairs to bigger construction or warehouse jobs.

#2 Great Neck 16-Piece Light Duty Tool Kit

For those times when a noticeboard falls down or the breakroom tap leaks, keep the Great Neck 16-Piece Light-Duty Office Tool Kit on hand.

Within this durable 16" metal tool box comes a variety of tools that are perfect for minor office repairs, from slip joint pliers and screwdrivers to a wood handle hammer and retractable 9-position utility knife.

#3 Great Neck 32-Piece Expanded Tool Kit with Bag

Need a convenient tool bag to carry from job to job? Shop the Great Neck 32-Piece Expanded Tool Kit, which comes with a convenient 18-pocket carrying bag.

While the ergonomic grip handles minimize hand, wrist, and arm fatigue, the handy strap offers additional comfort for your shoulders. Included in the canvas zip-up bag is everything from 6" long nose pliers to three precision screwdrivers, a 12-oz tubular steel hammer, and 19 insert bits for general maintenance or DIY projects.

#4 Stanley 6-Piece Precision Screwdrivers Set

Stanley's 6-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set features six popular Phillips and slotted screwdrivers for a range of fastening applications, from 0 pt to 3.0 mm.

These tools offer swivel-head handles that turn easily for efficiency of motion, along with a soft cushion grip that fits comfortably in the hand for extended use. Each tool in this multi-function set comes with a plastic shaft for durability and is ideal for fixing computers, repairing eyeglasses, and other micro-applications.


Read our most frequently asked questions to find out everything you need to know about hand tools and how they can help you complete industrial, commercial, retail, and home DIY projects quickly and effectively.

What Are Industrial Hand Tools?

Hand tools are those that don't require a motor or electrics to run and can simply be operated manually. They are generally used for industrial projects, on construction jobs, and in the manufacturing trade, and include wrenches, hammers, saws, hand drills, spanners, and slip joint pliers.

What Are the 3 Classifications of Hand Tools?

Hand tools can be split into three distinct categories. The first is holding tools, which include pliers and clamps. Striking tools such as sledges and hammers are used to exert force, while tools such as reamers, files, and drills are typically useful for cutting metal materials.

Which Company Makes the Best Quality Hand Tools?

Here at BuyDirect, we stock a range of the country's leading industrial hand tool brands, including:

- Westcott
- Stanley
- Great Neck
- X-Acto
- Universal
- Unger
- Slice
- Clauss
- Fiskars

Buy your tools in bulk and enjoy 20% off your first order, plus free delivery today!

What Do I Need in My Tool Kit?

A well-stocked tool box is essential for everyone from homeowners to those working in the construction trade. Some of the most important hand tools to include in your kit are hammers, tape measures, pliers, screwdrivers, utility knives, hand drills, spanners, and box cutters.

putty-knife-1-1-4-blade-width band-strap-knife-black jiffi-cutter-utility-knife-blades-100-box sheffield-folding-lockback-knife-1-utility-blade-blue 4-in-1-screwdriver-w-interchangeable-phillips-standard-bits-assorted-colors straight-handle-knife-w-retractable-13-point-snap-off-blade-yellow-gray value-line-stainless-steel-shears-8-long-3-5-cut-length-black-offset-handles-3-pack hot-forged-carbon-steel-shears-9-long-4-5-cut-length-black-straight-handle hot-forged-carbon-steel-shears-7-long-3-13-cut-length-black-straight-handle general-purpose-stainless-steel-scissors-7-75-long-3-cut-length-red-offset-handles-3-pack no-11-nonrefillable-blade-dispenser-15-pack kleenearth-soft-handle-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-black-gray-straight-handle box-cutters-double-sided-replaceable-stainless-steel-gray-green 119-piece-tool-set mini-cutters-double-sided-replaceable-stainless-steel-gray-green preferred-line-stainless-steel-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-blue-offset-handle heavy-duty-snap-blade-utility-knife-four-8-point-blades-retractable-blue no-11-bulk-pack-blades-for-x-acto-knives-100-box 16-piece-light-duty-office-tool-kit-metal-box-red jiffi-cutter-compact-utility-knife-w-retractable-blade-12-box preferred-line-stainless-steel-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-blue-straight-handles-2-pack kleenearth-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-black-straight-handles-2-pack kleenearth-basic-plastic-handle-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-black-straight-handle kleenearth-scissors-9-long-3-75-cut-length-black-straight-handle replacement-blade-for-heavy-duty-scraper-carbon-steel-10-pack kleenearth-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-black-straight-handle standard-snap-off-knife-18mm-6-3-4 preferred-line-stainless-steel-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-blue-straight-handle kleencut-stainless-steel-shears-8-long-3-75-cut-length-black-straight-handle safety-cutters-fixed-non-replaceable-micro-safety-blade-ceramic-green titanium-bonded-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-gray-yellow-straight-handle series-2000-toolbox-w-tray-two-lid-compartments all-purpose-pink-ribbon-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-pink-straight-handle plastic-light-duty-utility-knife-w-retractable-blade-yellow non-stick-titanium-bonded-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-gray-yellow-straight-handles-3-pack sortmaster-junior-organizer-yellow precision-scissors-8-long-3-13-cut-length-gray-red-straight-handle 8-piece-steel-pliers-and-wrench-tool-set heavy-duty-utility-knife-blades-10-pack kleenearth-soft-handle-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-blue-gray-straight-handle interlock-safety-utility-knife-w-self-retracting-round-point-blade-red-orange compact-safety-ceramic-blade-box-cutter-2-5-retractable-blade-green plastic-utility-knife-w-retractable-blade-snap-closure-yellow design-line-straight-stainless-steel-scissors-8-long-3-13-cut-length-black-straight-handle e-z-open-box-opener-stainless-steel-shears-8-long-3-25-cut-length-gray-offset-handle 6-piece-precision-screwdriver-set-black-yellow klever-kutter-box-cutter-knife-w-double-shielded-blade-5-pack classic-99-utility-knife-w-retractable-blade-gray quick-change-utility-knife-w-retractable-blade-twine-cutter-gray value-line-stainless-steel-shears-8-long-3-5-cut-length-red-offset-handle straight-contract-scissors-8-long-3-cut-length-black-straight-handle carbotitanium-bonded-scissors-9-long-4-5-cut-length-white-green-offset-handle value-line-stainless-steel-shears-8-long-3-5-cut-length-red-straight-handle knife-set-3-knives-10-blades-carrying-case all-purpose-stainless-steel-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-black-straight-handle 32-piece-expanded-tool-kit-with-bag industrial-carbon-blade-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-black-gray-offset-handle 15-in-1-all-purpose-stainless-steel-tool-with-belt-pouch no-2-bulk-pack-blades-for-x-acto-knives-100-box replacement-blades-for-4-scrapers-carbon-steel-10-pack easycut-self-retracting-cutter-with-safety-tip-blade-and-holster-black-blue 16oz-claw-hammer-w-high-visibility-orange-fiberglass-handle hot-forged-carbon-steel-shears-8-long-3-88-cut-length-nickel-straight-handle titanium-bonded-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-gray-yellow-straight-handles-2-pack snap-blade-utility-knife-replacement-blades-10-pack kleenearth-basic-plastic-handle-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-black-straight-handles-3-pack x2000-no-roll-rubber-barrel-knife-w-11-replaceable-blade-safety-cap x3000-rubber-barrel-hobby-knife-three-11-blades-black titanium-bonded-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-gray-yellow-straight-handle33458 extremedge-titanium-bent-scissors-9-long-4-5-cut-length-gray-yellow-offset-handle safety-ceramic-blade-box-cutter-5-5-green heavy-duty-utility-knife-replacement-blade-5-pack curved-quick-change-utility-knife-stainless-steel-retractable-blade-3-blades titanium-bonded-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-gray-yellow-offset-handle industrial-carbon-blade-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-black-gray-straight-handle sharpshooter-heavy-duty-staple-gun value-line-stainless-steel-shears-8-long-3-5-cut-length-black-straight-handle non-stick-titanium-bonded-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-gray-yellow-offset-handle easycut-self-retracting-cutter-blades-10-pack safety-ceramic-blade-box-cutter-6-15-green carbotitanium-bonded-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-white-green-straight-handle scissors-with-antimicrobial-protection-8-long-3-5-cut-length-blue-straight-handle scissors-econ-8-str-ss non-stick-titanium-bonded-scissors-8-long-3-25-cut-length-gray-yellow-straight-handle 13-pc-cleaning-kit-for-walls-windows-ceilings-green-vinyl-nylon-case-1-kt multi-purpose-scissors-8-long-3-38-cut-length-gray-red-straight-handle wall-mount-utility-knife-blade-dispenser-w-blades-100-pack cuts-more-scissors-9-long-3-5-cut-length-black-orange-offset-handle five-drawer-mobile-workcenter-32-1-2w-x-20d-x-33-1-2h-black-plastic-top ergotec-glass-scraper-replacement-blades-6-double-edge-25-pack titanium-bonded-workbench-shears-8-long-3-cut-length-gray-yellow-offset-handle box-cutters-double-sided-replaceable-carbon-steel-gray-orange z-series-11-replacement-blades-5-pack scissors-econ-8-bent-ss 3-inch-multi-bit-ratcheting-screwdriver-10-bits-black-yellow contoured-performance-scissors-8-long-3-5-cut-length-gray-offset-handle