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Shop Our Handy Industrial Measuring Tools

If you're searching for accurate and robust industrial measuring equipment, such as tapes or thermometers, you've landed on the right website!

We have a vast assortment of handy commercial, heavy-duty measuring tools designed for various tasks, including construction, carpentry, architectural planning, and much more.

Save money and shop our cost-effective, wholesale industrial measuring tools from top-rated brands, including Stanley, Boardwalk, and Rubbermaid Commercial, at Buy Direct today!

5 Best Tape Measures That Guarantee 100% Accuracy

Whether you need to measure a specific material, object, or distance, our selection of premium industrial tape measures is the perfect solution for all types of handy work. Here are our top five products:

#1 Powerlock II Power Return Rule by Stanley

The Powerlock II Power Return Rule by Stanley is purposefully designed with professionals in mind, so you can trust you're receiving a reliable and durable measuring tool.

This tape measure boasts all the essential features, including a secure locking mechanism, 16\" and 19.2\" stud center marking for easy framing, corrosion-resistant hook for inside and outdoor applications, rigid high-visibility yellow steel blade, heat-treated spring to ensure long-lasting use, and a belt clip for simple portability.

Unlike other models, this tape measure also features a unique Tru-Zero hook and a flexible pivot for drawing circles and arcs. It's also coated with Mylar to ensure durability. This is an excellent choice if you need a reliable, all-in-one tape measure!

#2 ExtraMark Power Tape by Great Neck

The ExtraMark Power Tape by Great Neck features fractional marks for easy measuring, a rubberized cover to ensure comfort and grip, a positive lock to securely hold the blade, and a belt clip for easy access and loss prevention.

If you need a standard tape measure that gets the job done, this model is a superb choice!

#3 Easy Grip Tape Measure by Boardwalk

Equipped with a heavy-duty case designed to withstand continual use and a rubberized coating that delivers comfort and grip, the Easy Grip Tape Measure by Boardwalk is a reliable and convenient tool that provides easy use with every application.

It delivers exceptional versatility thanks to its inclusion in English and Metric units. It also features tape marks with additional bold highlights at each foot (or 10 cm) increment to ensure seamless measurement markings, an essential locking mechanism to hold the tape in place, and a metal pocket clip designed to hang from belts (making it perfect for on the go jobs!).

#4 ExtraMark Power Tape by Great Neck

The ExtraMark Power Tape by Great Neck features fractional marks for easy measurement taking. Its rubberized cover delivers a comfortable grip, while the positive lock ensures the blade stays securely in place.

For extra convenience, it also features a belt clip, ensuring easy accessibility for quick measurements on the go.

#5 English Rule Measuring Tape by Great Neck

The English Rule Measuring Tape by Great Neck has a hefty 100-foot tape rule, making it perfect for large-scale projects, such as planning building layouts or construction.

It boasts a rewind handle that delivers quick and efficient use and a steel blade with easy-to-read black and red markings for enhanced accuracy. It also comes equipped with a high-impact plastic case to ensure durability and protection.

Discover Commercial-Grade Thermometers for Unbeatable Prices at Buy Direct

If your business needs a reliable, accurate, and long-lasting thermometer, be it for monitoring refrigerating units in commercial kitchens or ensuring proper HVAC system performance, Buy Direct has you covered!

The Rubbermaid Commercial Refrigerator/Freezer Monitoring Thermometer is an excellent food safety solution that accurately monitors refrigerator and freezer temperature, ensuring staff can easily monitor conditions in real time.

Boasting an easy-to-read dial, dual Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, and a wide temperature range from -20 to 80°F, this commercial thermometer serves as an exceptionally beneficial tool for businesses in the food industry, such as restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and catering companies.

It ensures seamless compliance with food safety regulations while helping food stay fresh. It even features a freestanding base and a hanging mount, so you can easily install it to align with your business's preferences.

Alternatively, if you're a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professional, refrigerator technician, or mechanic, choose the conveniently compact Dishwasher-Safe Industrial-Grade Analog Pocket Thermometer by Rubbermaid Commercial.

This small yet impressively robust and accurate tool is perfect for commercial-grade applications, including monitoring HVAC systems, checking refrigerator temperatures, and assessing engines in auto-motives.

For more brilliant thermometer tools just like these, check out our entire selection at Buy Direct!


If you have any questions about our Industrial Measuring Tool collection, check out our ready-answered FAQs:

What Precautions Should You Take When Using Measuring Tools?

To ensure safety and accuracy, it's important to ensure your work area is properly lit and free of clutter and obstacles. You should also take care of all tools and materials while wearing appropriate safety gear (such as protective glasses, steel-toe boots, and heavy-duty gloves) to prevent injury when taking a measurement.

If you're seeking precise measurement equipment for your industrial business, shop our wide selection of handy tools at Buy Direct today!

What Affects the Accuracy of Measurements?

Several things can affect the accuracy of measurements…

The quality of measuring tools is a common factor that impacts how accurate a measurement is. Avoiding low-quality products and choosing reputable brands, such as Stanley or Boardwalk, will ensure you choose the best tools with guaranteed precision.

The condition of tools can also affect accuracy. Ensuring you properly store all measuring tools will prevent damage and wear, ensuring consistent and reliable results with every use. You can also add a layer of protection to measuring tools with specialized cases, such as the Power Return Tape Measure Plastic Case by Stanley Bostitch.

Calibration is crucial too! This involves adjusting measuring tools, such as an electronic scale, to make sure measurement results are accurate and consistent.

The most common factor that impacts the accuracy of readings is human error, such as incorrect technique or misreading measurements.

Ensuring you or your staff are properly trained and equipped (such as with glasses or light equipment) to take measurements can reduce human error. You can also opt for digital measuring tools, such as electronic monitoring thermometers, to further increase precision.

If you need reliable and precise industrial measuring tools, shop our best-selling collection at Buy Direct today!

What Are the Best Tape Measure Features?

When it comes to tape measures, there are a few handy features to look out for. Seek a durable and easy-to-read tape with clear measurement markings to ensure accurate readings and longevity.

A locking mechanism, such as a thumb lock, is also a must-have as it ensures the tape stays in place while you take measurements while also preventing damage to the measuring tape.

For additional convenience, keep an eye out for extra features, such as an ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use and a

powerlock-ii-power-return-rule-1-x-25ft-chrome-yellow refrigerator-freezer-monitoring-thermometer-20-f-to-80-f extramark-power-tape-5-8-x-12ft-steel-yellow-black easy-grip-tape-measure-25-ft-plastic-case-black-and-yellow-1-16-graduations power-return-tape-measure-plastic-case-1-x-25ft-yellow power-return-tape-measure-w-belt-clip-1-2-x-12ft-yellow extramark-power-tape-1-x-25ft-steel-yellow-black english-rule-measuring-tape-3-8-x-100ft-steel-yellow dishwasher-safe-industrial-grade-analog-pocket-thermometer-0-f-to-220-f extramark-tape-measure-1-x-35ft-steel-yellow-black