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Enhance Business Organization With Our Top Label Makers & Supplies

Label makers are the key to efficient, convenient, and professional organization in many commercial settings, including retail, food service, corporate, industrial, educational, healthcare industries, and many more.

Our complete collection of label makers and supplies accommodates every operational need, be it putting price tags on products, identifying office supplies, organizing wires, or adding nutritional information to groceries.

Discover the right label maker and label supplies for your establishment in our collection today!

Discover Our Best-Selling Label Makers from Trusted Brands

At Buy Direct, there's a multitude of efficient and affordable label makers suited to various business needs. Whether you operate a shipping and logistics company that requires address and product packaging labels or an e-commerce company that provides brand labels, our complete range has a device suited to every label printing need from trusted brands, including Dymo and Seiko.

Here are our most popular models available to purchase for unbeatable prices:

#1 LabelManager 280 by Dymo

The LabelManager 280 by Dymo is a no.1 choice for businesses seeking a versatile and efficient label printer.

This unique device features a compact, handheld design, a built-in QWERTY keyboard, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, which offer an uninterrupted and convenient label printing process. This makes the LabelManager 280 perfect for environments that print labels on the go, such as warehouses and retail stores.

You can also connect this device with various computers, including MAC and Windows models. This allows for endless label customization with fonts and graphics, making the LabelManager 280 also suited to graphic design studios, marketing agencies, and event planning companies that must create custom-branded product labels, packaging, and promotional materials.

#2 Smart Label Printer 620 by Seiko

Combining simplicity with affordability, the Smart Label Printer 620 by Seiko delivers essential label printing.

Its uncomplicated, multipurpose design is perfect for creating basic labels that only require essential information, such as descriptive labels for clear product identification, expiration dates for food products, delivery addresses for shipments, manufacturer information, name badges, and so forth.

#3 LabelManager 210D Kit by Dymo

With a large screen, built-in QWERTY keyboard, underlining and box features, six font sizes, seven text styles, and memory storage for up to nine frequently used label designs, the impressive LabelManager 210D Kit by Dymo is equipped with everything you need to create custom labels quickly and easily.

The combined features of this label maker kit deliver exceptional versatility, which allows you to produce high-quality labels that meet a variety of industry standards, be it clear nutritional information on food products, precise barcode images for inventory tracking, or vibrant logos for easy brand recognition.

#4 Organizer Xpress Pro by Dymo

Combining a handheld, durable, ergonomic design with a 49-character typing wheel, built-in tape cutter, and battery-free function, the Organizer Xpress Pro by Dymo serves as a superb label maker for stores and warehouses alike, where quick, on-the-go, and uninterrupted labeling is needed - it's also great for quick inventory labeling in offices, restaurants, hotels, and so forth.

#5 Rhino Industrial Label Maker by Dymo

The Rhino Industrial Label Maker by Dymo is specially made to deliver a durable and efficient label solution suited to industrial environments, such as manufacturing and construction facilities.

Its compact design and speedy printing speed make it perfect for demanding, on-the-go applications, such as creating cable wraps and fixed-length equipment labels. This label printer even features a custom save function for frequently used label formats, allowing users to streamline their tasks and boost their overall efficiency!

Choose the Right Labels for Your Label Maker

Self-adhesive labels, also called pressure-sensitive labels, feature an adhesive glue that sticks to surfaces when pressed down, ensuring efficient and effortless labeling. They come in a variety of styles, each suited to different operations, including shipping, inventory management, product labeling, and much more!

To help you choose the right labels for your business, explore the primary uses of each type available at Buy Direct:

Multipurpose Labels: Multipurpose labels, such as the LabelWriter Multipurpose Labels by Dymo, are exceptionally versatile, making them ideal for a range of labeling needs, such as identifying office supplies, organizing inventory and adding descriptions or prices to retail products.

Address/Shipping Labels: Specifically designed to present address/shipping information on packages and envelopes, as seen with the Self-Adhesive Address Labels by Seiko, these labels are an essential supply for shipment and logistics warehouses and small businesses that sell and ship products.

Industrial Labels: Unlike a standard adhesive label, industrial labels are fortified with tough and resistant materials, making them perfect for harsh industrial environments. For example, the Rhino Flexible Nylon Industrial Label Tape can withstand extreme temperatures, UV light, and moisture.

Wire & Cable Labels: These labels are designed to wrap around wires and cables securely, allowing for clear identification of cables, wires, and any other electrical components. The Rhino Heat Shrink Tubes Industrial Label Tape by Dymo is a best-selling example of wire and cable labels because of its impressive durability and easy-to-peel function.

Name Badge Labels: Name badge labels, such as Dymo's Name Badge Insert Labels, are perfect for customer-facing establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, and stores. They are also helpful in educational facilities, offices, conferences, and corporate events where clear and easy identification of guests, attendees, and staff is important.

Embossing Labels: These labels feature embossed impressions, ensuring durability. They're ideal for creating supply tags, product labels, nameplates, and serial number plates in industrial and commercial spaces because they can withstand regular touching, harsh conditions, and exposure to chemicals and moisture, unlike standard printed labels prone to fading and smudging. Check out the Self-Adhesive Glossy Labeling Tape for Embossers by Dymo.

Media Labels: Media labels, like the LabelWriter VHS Top Labels by Dymo, are made for labeling CDs, DVDs, tapes, and other media items. They are usually used by media production companies, libraries, educational institutions, and archival facilities where cataloging and organizing multimedia collections is needed.

Filing Labels: Filing labels, such as the Self-Adhesive File Folder Labels by Seiko, are made for organizing and categorizing files, folders, and documents. They are commonly used in offices, libraries, educational institutions, medical facilities, and administrative settings.

Pricing Labels: Pricing labels are essential for retail businesses, such as grocery or clothing stores. They allow potential customers to clearly see how much a product costs while offering staff a clear indication of pricing during transactions. The LW Price Tag Labels by Dymo pricing labels are a popular choice for businesses as they deliver mess-free, affordable, and reliable labels needed for product pricing.


Explore our ready-answered FAQs about label makers to guide your search:

What Is the Best Instant Label Maker?

In order to identify the best instant label maker for your business, it's important to understand your business needs.

If you operate a retail store, a price tag label maker is a likely option. For industrial environments in need of robust and reliable labeling, special industrial label maker models are the perfect solution. For general labeling needs, such as inventory organization, a versatile multipurpose label maker serves as a great choice.

At Buy Direct, we have a huge selection of instant label makers suited to various operations, so you'll have no trouble finding the best model for your business. Shop our entire collection today and enjoy big savings on top-selling brands like Dymo and Seiko!

What Is the Difference Between a Label Maker and a Label Printer?

A label maker is designed to create labels with pre-made designs and some customization options, such as font size and style. It's typically a handheld device, making it perfect for on-the-go and small-scale labeling tasks.

A label printer is a more advanced tool that connects to a computer or mobile device, offering lots of customization choices, including different fonts, graphics, sizes, and so forth. Label printers are commonly used for large-scale labeling projects, such as branding products, and can handle a wider range of label types and materials.

If your business is seeking a label maker or printer, explore our collection at Buy Direct. We have a wide selection of devices and supplies suited to various uses, including inventory organization, product labeling, industrial labeling, and much more. Shop our range today.

Is It Worth Getting a Label Maker?

Absolutely! Label makers present a variety of wonderful benefits, including convenience, efficiency, enhanced organization, customization, and industry compliance (especially if you operate a food service, e-commerce, or manufacturing business!).

Unlock endless benefits with our curated selection of affordable and reliable label makers at Buy Direct.

labelwriter-address-labels-1-12-x-3-5-white-260-labels-roll-2-rolls-pack visitor-management-time-expiring-name-badges-adhesive-2-25-x-4-250-box d1-high-performance-polyester-removable-label-tape-0-75-x-23-ft-black-on-white labelmanager-280-2-lines-4w-x-2-3-10d-x-7-9-10h self-adhesive-address-labels-1-12-x-3-5-white-260-box lw-shipping-labels-2-31-x-4-white-300-roll-6-rolls-pack bulk-self-adhesive-wide-shipping-labels-2-12-x-4-white-220-box rhino-flexible-nylon-industrial-label-tape-0-75-x-11-5-ft-white-black-print smart-label-printer-620-2-28-labels-2-76-second-4-1-2-x-6-7-8-x-5-7-8 rhino-heat-shrink-tubes-industrial-label-tape-0-25-x-5-ft-white-black-print labelwriter-wireless-black-label-printer-71-four-line-labels-min self-adhesive-address-labels-1-12-x-3-5-white-520-box rhino-heat-shrink-tubes-industrial-label-tape-0-37-x-5-ft-white-black-print letratag-fabric-iron-on-labels-0-5-x-6-5-ft-white labelwriter-address-labels-1-12-x-3-5-white-130-labels-roll-2-rolls-pack letratag-plastic-label-tape-cassette-0-5-x-13-ft-white d1-high-performance-polyester-removable-label-tape-0-5-x-23-ft-yellow labelmanager-210d-kit-2-lines-6-1-10w-x-6-1-2d-x-2-1-2h d1-durable-labels-0-5-x-23-ft-white-6-pack labelwriter-bar-code-labels-0-75-x-2-5-white-450-labels-roll rhino-heat-shrink-tubes-industrial-label-tape-0-75-x-5-ft-white-black-print self-adhesive-glossy-labeling-tape-for-embossers-0-37-x-12-ft-roll-black lw-extra-large-shipping-labels-4-x-6-white-220-roll-10-rolls-pack rhino-flexible-nylon-industrial-label-tape-1-x-11-5-ft-white-black-print d1-high-performance-polyester-removable-label-tape-0-5-x-23-ft-black-on-clear rhino-permanent-poly-industrial-label-tape-0-75-x-18-ft-white-black-print d1-high-performance-polyester-removable-label-tape-0-5-x-23-ft-black-on-white78937 lw-durable-multi-purpose-labels-1-x-2-12-160-roll labelwriter-shipping-labels-2-12-x-4-white-220-labels-roll organizer-xpress-pro-1-line-3-1-10w-x-8-3-10d-x-2-3-5h letratag-plastic-label-tape-cassette-0-5-x-13-ft-clear labelwriter-shipping-labels-2-12-x-4-white-220-labels-roll76698 rhino-flexible-nylon-industrial-label-tape-0-5-x-11-5-ft-white-black-print self-adhesive-large-address-labels-1-5-x-3-5-white-520-box labelwriter-vhs-top-labels-1-8-x-3-1-white-150-labels-roll lw-multipurpose-labels-1-x-2-13-white-500-roll-12-rolls-pack self-adhesive-name-badge-labels-2-25-x-4-white-250-box labelwriter-address-labels-1-25-x-2-25-white-1000-labels-roll rhino-metal-label-non-adhesive-tape-0-5-x-16-ft-aluminum lw-multipurpose-labels-1-x-2-13-white-500-roll-6-rolls-pack rhino-industrial-label-maker-1-line-4-06-x-8-46-x-2-24 name-badge-insert-labels-2-43-x-4-18-white-250-box self-adhesive-glossy-labeling-tape-for-embossers-0-37-x-12-ft-roll-red letratag-paper-label-tape-cassettes-0-5-x-13-ft-white-2-pack labelwriter-business-appointment-cards-2-x-3-5-white-300-labels-roll self-adhesive-address-labels-1-12-x-3-5-clear-260-box lw-address-labels-0-75-x-2-white-500-roll-6-rolls-pack labelwriter-multipurpose-labels-0-5-x-1-white-1000-labels-roll labelmanager-360d-2-lines-2-4-5w-x-7-19-25d-x-5-9-10h rhino-heat-shrink-tubes-industrial-label-tape-0-5-x-5-ft-white-black-print rhino-permanent-vinyl-industrial-label-tape-0-5-x-18-ft-white-black-print smart-label-printer-650-2-28-labels-3-94-second-4-1-2-x-6-7-8-x-5-7-8 rhino-permanent-vinyl-industrial-label-tape-0-37-x-18-ft-white-black-print letratag-100t-label-maker-2-lines-6-7-10w-x-2-4-5d-x-5-7-10h lw-extra-large-shipping-labels-4-x-6-white-220-roll-5-rolls-pack letratag-paper-plastic-label-tape-value-pack-0-5-x-13-ft-assorted-3-pack self-adhesive-name-badge-diskette-labels-2-12-x-2-75-white-320-box labelwriter-shipping-labels-4-x-6-white-220-labels-roll letratag-plastic-label-tape-cassette-0-5-x-13-ft-yellow d1-high-performance-polyester-removable-label-tape-0-5-x-23-ft-black-on-white self-adhesive-small-multipurpose-labels-0-43-x-1-5-white-300-box d1-high-performance-polyester-removable-label-tape-0-37-x-23-ft-black-on-white labelwriter-address-labels-1-4-x-3-5-white-260-labels-roll-2-rolls-pack self-adhesive-file-folder-labels-0-56-x-3-43-white-260-box labelwriter-address-labels-1-12-x-3-5-clear-130-labels-roll lw-price-tag-labels-0-93-x-0-87-white-400-labels-roll d1-durable-labels-0-5-x-23-ft-white-4-pack tape-cassettes-for-kl-label-makers-0-37-x-26-ft-black-on-clear-2-pack labelwriter-multipurpose-labels-2-x-2-31-white-250-labels-roll labelmanager-210d-2-lines-6-1-10w-x-6-1-2d-x-2-1-2h rhino-4200-basic-industrial-handheld-label-maker-1-line-4-3-50x8-23-50x2-6-25 xtl-all-purpose-vinyl-labels-0-5-x-24-6-ft-white-black-print tape-cassettes-for-kl-label-makers-0-75-x-26-ft-black-on-white-2-pack letratag-100h-label-maker-2-lines-3-1w-x-2-6d-x-8-3h labelmanager-pnp-label-printer-2-1-10w-x-5-3-10d-x-5-3-5h labelwriter-450-duo-printer-2-3-10-labels-71-label-min-5-5w-x-7-8d-x-7-30h lw-multipurpose-labels-2-75-x-2-12-white-320-labels-roll lw-address-labels-1-13-x-3-5-white-350-roll-12-rolls-pack labelwriter-450-twin-turbo-printer-71-labels-min-5-5w-x-8-4d-x-7-4h labelmanager-420p-4-lines-4-3-50w-x-2-6-25d-x-8-23-50h tape-cassettes-for-kl-label-makers-0-5-x-26-ft-black-on-white-2-pack self-adhesive-multipurpose-labels-1-12-x-2-white-440-box rhino-permanent-poly-industrial-label-tape-0-5-x-18-ft-white-black-print lw-extra-large-shipping-labels-4-x-6-white-220-roll-2-rolls-pack labelmanager-160p-2-lines-7-9-10w-x-4-13-20d-x-1-9-10h