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Explore High-Quality Beverage Dispensers

Beverage dispenses play a huge role at small gatherings or events, not only just to keep your drinks at a particular temperature, either; they're just generally convenient for everyone to use and make it way easier for customers to serve themselves.

So, whether you need a large commercial beverage dispenser or just a simple milk dispenser to sit next to the teabags, we've got a wide range of options for you to choose from at BuyDirect!

Benefits of Drink Dispensers and Beverage Sachets

Let's walk through a couple of the main reasons you'd opt for these dispensers at your meeting or gathering:


It's obviously pretty inconvenient to have to get up and refill everyone's glasses or pitchers individually, so whether it's juice or a hot drink, you can just let your guests handle it themselves.

Temperature Control

All the beverage dispensers we'll be covering later have thermal insulation and cooling mechanisms, so they're pretty versatile regardless of what temperature you want the drinks to stay at - this sort of thing makes it a lot more satisfying to grab a drink if you're on a long hike or business meeting, for instance.

Shop Our Best Selling Beverage Dispensers

If you're stuck for choice, take a look at what the majority of our customers are buying:

1. BUNN 1.9 Liter Thermal Pitcher

The 1.9 Liter Thermal Pitcher by BUNN definitely isn't the biggest option available, but it does exactly what it's meant for which is simply keeping hot beverages like coffee or tea nice and warm for extended periods.

We'd generally recommend choosing this one for smaller events in particular as you're going to need to refill it a bunch of times for anything larger, so you might want something bigger if you're buying something for your office or somewhere like a library.

2. BUNN 2.5 Liter Lever Action Airpot

Next up is the 2.5 Liter Lever Action Airpot by BUNN, which, while still not being the biggest option we've got to offer, is still a lot more versatile since it can be used for serving small groups - probably around 10 people or so - with no bother. Aside from this, it's incredibly easy to use as you simply just need to press the pump mechanism to pour a drink, so whether you need it for a business meeting or an outdoor gathering, it should be more than capable.

3. BUNN 1.9 Liter Thermal Carafe

The 1.9 Liter Thermal Carafe by BUNN really isn't that much different from the same size thermal pitcher we covered earlier - it's just a matter of preference since they store the exact same amount of fluid, and either option you go for is equally as efficient in keeping your drinks insulated.

4. BUNN 3 Liter Lever Action Airpot

Moving forward, the BUNN 3 Liter Lever Action Airpot does everything that the 1.9 liter version doesn't - which is basically just holding large quantities of water. It might be a bit more bulky than other options we’ve covered,  but you can just use the handle to move it around rather than trying to pick it up at the sides or the base, so it's not really an issue all things considered.

5. Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water, 16.9 oz Bottle, 24/Case

Finally, not everyone's going to want a hot drink - or even something flavored like the Original Powdered Drink Mix by Gatorade, for that matter - so don't forget to add a more basic choice for people, too, by providing Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water.

This option comes with 24 16.9oz bottles per case, but you can buy larger quantities than this if you want to - even gallons bottles if you need them - it all depends on how big an event you're having. Along with the rest of the beverage sachets and drinks you'll be providing, though, 24 should do the trick.

Find The Right Beverage Dispenser Brand for Your Needs

Aside from the beverage dispensers, you're naturally going to need to provide some sorts of beverage sachets for your customers or guests to serve themselves with.

One of our best selling drinks is the Decaffeinated Green Tea K-Cups by Celestial Seasonings if you're after a more relaxing choice, but we've got a range of coffee K-Cups if you're in need of a caffeine fix - either way, we've got a variety of options for you to choose from and we offer nationwide shipping, too, so search around our site and get adding to your cart today! 


Are Beverage Dispensers Easy to Clean?

You can normally just remove the parts on most beverage dispensers if you need to clean them, so whether you want to do it by hand or with a dishwasher you shouldn't have any problems - the openings are pretty wide, too, so this also makes it easier.

How Can I Prevent Beverage Dispensers From Leaking?

It's not particularly hard, just make sure that you've fastened the lid properly and everything's intact by the time you serve drinks with it - don't add too much liquid either or you'll risk overflowing it or spilling some while you're carrying it around.

Are Beverage Dispensers Suitable for Commercial Use?

Usually, since they come in pretty big sizes. More often than not, you’ll see them in cafeterias and restaurants, but there are typically a few of them dotted around the room so they don’t need to be refilled super frequently.

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