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Food Warming Trays and Steam Table Pans

Are you looking to keep food hot and fresh on a budget? Whether you're aiming to boost the efficiency of the current kitchen or expand the reach of your catering services, our food warming trays can help push your business closer to achieving its goals.

From aluminum steam table pans to takeaway containers, you're sure to find the perfect addition to your catering setup in our convenient collection of disposable storage and serving equipment. Shop with BuyDirect today to benefit from white glove service, which delivers exclusive daily deals and orders right to your door!

Types of Food Warming Trays and Steam Table Pans

All of our hot trays and food warmers here at BuyDirect are made from aluminum. This lightweight metal material is a brilliant heat conductor, making it the perfect choice for fast reheating and keeping food hot.

Minimize your customers' waiting times while maintaining that high-quality food flavor by purchasing one of the following foot hot tray options:

To-Go Containers

Available in round, oblong, pie, or loaf shapes, along with several different sizes, these multi-purpose pans can store both hot and cold foods ready for consumption. For ultimate convenience, the containers can be filled with food and placed in the oven straight from the freezer, or used to transport meals from kitchen to venue with minimal spillages.

We'd recommend the Boardwalk Round Aluminum To-Go Containers if you're looking for an option that comes complete with lids. Alternatively, shop the 9" Clear Dome Lids to keep food secure while giving customers a sneak peek of the mouth-watering dishes available to them.

Roaster Pans

Designed with high-quality aluminum, the Extra-Large Oval Roaster Pans from Durable Packaging are the perfect choice for slow cooking thanks to their ability to withstand long periods in the oven.

One of the other key benefits of roaster pans is that they're highly versatile for serving both hot and cold foods. For instance, they are an ideal disposal alternative to stainless steel hot serving trays, especially if you're serving large cuts of meat like roasts, prime rib, or barbecued meats.

They can also be useful for the creation of beautiful buffet party platters, including everything from sandwiches and cakes to charcuterie and cheese boards.

Steam Table Pans

Need to keep food at a safe temperature and protected from contaminants, but don't want to commit to an expensive stainless steel setup? Invest in cheaper, more sanitary aluminum steam table pans at BuyDirect!

What's great about steam table pans is that they can be popped straight into the refrigerator from the prep line and then placed into a holding cabinet when you're ready to serve the restaurant. Plus, pair the Boardwalk Steam Table Pans with a lid to make reheating and transportation more convenient, therefore preventing leakages and ensuring a hassle-free catering experience.

Our range of steam table hot trays for food come in a variety of full or half sizes, along with deep or shallow options to suit any number of people.

Accessories for an Efficient Food Service

If you're running a restaurant or catering business, you'll understand the importance of convenience. Having everything you need to hand when preparing and serving food is essential for increasing productivity and reducing customer wait times, while also ensuring that all dishes offered remain hot and fresh.

That's why we stock a full variety of disposable and permanent food service supplies at affordable prices for your business. Shop the range of heated food tray accessories we offer below and enjoy free shipping on every order:

Butane Stoves – The Sterno model offers adjustable flames for precise temperature control, a compact carry case, and automatic safety shut-off sensors.

Canned Heat – Try the Sterno Chafing Fuel Can to safely maintain food temperatures above 141℉.

Disposable Cutlery – Discover eco-friendly disposable cutlery sets like the TPLA Compostable Cutlery, which can handle temperatures up to 180℉.

Commercial Food Bags – Our paper or plastic food service bags collection offers lightweight, tear-resistant options that are ideal for convenient food transportation.

Beverage Dispensers – Offer perfectly hot or cold drinks in large quantities with stainless steel dispensers.

Serving Bowls and Plates – Hi-impact plastic serving ware like the Boardwalk Dinnerware Plate provides great durability for transporting food without the worry of leakages.

Portion Cups – Ideal for serving sides, sauces, and samples alongside your steam table pans.

4 Benefits of Using Warmer Trays for Food

Whether you're starting a new takeout venture or are simply seeking to streamline your services with more convenient serving methods, disposable heated trays for food offer several benefits for those in the hospitality industry. Discover 4 of these below:

1. Ensures Food Safety

Food hygiene is one of the most important considerations for any business in the catering world. Arguably the key factor in this is keeping food at the correct temperature at all times, during both the cooking and storage processes.

By using a bacteria-resistant aluminum warming tray for food, catering staff can hence feel safe in the knowledge that there won't be any toxins spread by disease-causing microorganisms.

2. Improves Temperature Control

While maintaining a constant temperature is essential for food safety, it's not the only advantage offered by a food warming platter – they also expend minimal energy. Great temperature control lowers heating costs, which can help with tightening up those important business budgets!

Food warmers also allow chefs to save precious time and space in the kitchen, leaving ovens free for cooking fresh food and reducing the amount of reheating that must be completed throughout the service.

3. Preserves Delicious Tasting Food

At BuyDirect, we understand the importance of consistently serving top-quality dishes to the reputation of businesses in the food service industry.

We therefore stock only the best food warming trays on the market, which preserve moisture and prevent meals from becoming dry and tasteless. No longer will you have to sacrifice superior flavor and food quality for convenience!

4. Reduces Waiting Times

Catering for a high volume of people can be tough, especially if you're trying to maintain a rating of 5 stars. A huge benefit of using a warming tray system is that you can pre-prepare large portions of food so they're ready to go during busy services, without worrying that they'll go cold or dry.

Not only will chefs have more time to plan and execute high-quality dishes, but this gives catering staff more time to dedicate to excellent customer service. Plus, customers won't have to wait so long, which encourages much higher satisfaction rates.


Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below to learn more about the food service supplies we offer at BuyDirect.

Do Trays That Keep Food Warm Work?

The best food warming tray will work effectively to ensure that the dishes you've prepared maintain a constant temperature. This improves safety by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria, while also allowing restaurants and catering companies to provide a quicker, more convenient service with shorter waiting times.

Can You Heat Up Food On a Warming Tray?

As an oven-safe piece of equipment, you can take a tray warmer containing food straight from the refrigerator or freezer and put it into the oven to reheat. The meal can then be served right from the tray, where it will maintain a constant temperature and remain fresh throughout the catering service.

How Long Can You Keep Food in a Warming Tray?

Perishable food can be held for a maximum of two hours in a dish warmer tray at a temperature of 140℉ (60 ℃) or warmer. According to FDA guidelines, the food should then be discarded after this period to prevent bacteria growth and avoid foodborne illnesses.

What is the Ideal Food Heating Tray Temperature?

A high-quality heating tray for food should maintain internal temperatures of at least 140℉ (60 ℃) to stop the spread of disease-causing toxins. Some heating trays only have the capacity to maintain temperatures of 110℉ to 120℉, so be sure to double-check this before making a purchase.

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