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Industrial Material Handling Equipment

Looking for a safer way to lift heavy goods that won't break the bank? Discover an extensive range of material handling equipment today at BuyDirect. From industrial trucks to waste receptacles, find everything you need to improve the efficiency of your engineered systems right here.

Our collection of manual handling equipment isn't solely designed for industrial settings. No matter the sector you're operating in, all businesses need an effective method for transporting goods, whether you run a restaurant, manufacturing company, educational facility, hospitality venture, or warehouse.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, durable products at prices that you can afford, straight to your door. Shop now for exclusive deals and free shipping on every order!

Discover Our Material Handling Equipment Range

When it comes to moving goods from A to B in commercial and other industrial settings, both efficiency and safety should be made priorities. However, with such a wide variety of options for engineered systems, it can be easy to lose sight of which material handling equipment will work best for your business's needs.
Check out our full line-up of high-quality warehouse handling equipment and discover exactly how each piece can enhance the efficiency of your operations:

Tilt Trucks

Tilt trucks are designed specifically for handling heavy loads without the need for a forklift, thanks to their industrial-strength construction.

Models like the Rubbermaid Structural Foam Tilt Truck are made from polyethylene, a durable material that can handle high temperatures without rusting or peeling. Plus, the powder-coated steel frame protects against corrosion, therefore offering years of reliable service.

Choose from a 450 lb capacity all the way up to a huge 2,100 lb!

These types of industrial trucks also come in Rotomolded models, which you can find with a 450 lb capacity here at BuyDirect. This features a center swivel back caster and inset wheels that can be carefully maneuvered around corners, along with a sturdy plastic construction and reinforced lips.

Platform Trucks

Platform trucks are one of the most popular types of material handling equipment for moving bulky and heavy items.

Featuring a low, flat deck, wheeled trolleys such as the Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy-Duty Platform Truck can hold up to a 2000 lb capacity. This is thanks to their resin and metal composite, which provides complete durability and strength.

The Safco Stow-Away Platform Truck is most ideal if you're limited on space, as it can be folded down to a 16" height for compact storage. Although it features a light aluminum frame, this industrial truck can still handle up to 1000 lbs per load!

Cube & Utility Trucks

Whether you're transporting materials, handling clean laundry, or collecting waste, cube and utility trucks offer the perfect solution for all of your transportation needs.

Our bestselling Rubbermaid Commercial Rectangular Cube Truck is made from strong polyethylene, along with a metal frame and diamond caster pattern that enhances maneuverability.

Industrial trucks like the Utility Cart Refuse/Utility Bin offer another great option for smaller loads. Its top handles and bottom grip simplify the loading and emptying processes, making it ideal for both waste collection and material handling. The smooth surfaces also make cleaning after use much easier.

Hand Trucks

With an L-shaped upright design, hand trucks have two large wheels and a small platform that can move everything from furniture to heavy boxes loaded with goods.

What's great about this type of material handling equipment is that it can slide right underneath items to be transported, ensuring that they are safely loaded up without needing to be manually lifted.

A standard hand truck that comes highly recommended by BuyDirect customers is the Safco Tuff Truck Economy model. This features a P-Loop handle that eases the maneuvering process for goods of up to 400 lbs, along with a tubular steel frame that provides extra strength capacity.

We also offer more lightweight editions, such as the Safco HideAway Aluminium truck. Its lightweight frame is easily collapsible and also features a steel toe plate that can be folded for convenient storage.

Alternatively, if your priority is versatility, try the Two-Way Convertible Hand Truck. This piece of material handling equipment converts from two to four wheels whenever needed and delivers a welded steel construction to suit even the toughest of industrial environments.

How to Choose the Right Material Handling Equipment

Unsure of where to start when it comes to material handling equipment? Find the right tools for the job with these 4 handy tips:

1. Consider the Type of Goods

The handling equipment that is most suitable will first and foremost depend on the type of materials that your business handles. You'll therefore need to think about what these are, how they're packaged, and what must be done to get them ready for customer purchase or delivery.

Before ordering from BuyDirect, we'd encourage you to consider the following questions:

Where will the goods be moved from and to? Are they stored then processed, or will they be leaving the warehouse as soon as they've arrived?

How often will they need to be moved?

Are you dealing with heavy materials? If so, a foam tilt truck may be more appropriate than a hand truck or any smaller pallet trucks.

How are the goods packaged? It can be easier to transport materials on pallets or spools using platform trucks, while individual materials may require smaller retrieval systems like order pickers.

2. Think About Function

There are several reasons why your business may need material handling equipment, which can dictate the type you choose.
For example, moving bulky materials requires equipment that is specially adapted and large enough to transport them from A to B, while maneuvering safely around the storage facility.
Alternatively, if most of your goods will remain in storage for longer periods, it may be wise to reserve more of your budget for handling equipment storage racks and containers.

3. Look At the Space Available

Ordering a large, heavy-duty tilt truck could be a mistake if you only have a small warehouse.
So, before purchasing, think about the space available to keep storage equipment, including the aisle width, ceiling height, and rack type.

4. Take Pricing Into Account

At BuyDirect, one of our main priorities is affordability. That's why we offer material handling equipment starting from as little as $100 up to $1,700 + for those with bigger budgets in mind.
Another key factor to consider is maintenance. Look for pieces of equipment that require minimal fixing and have easily replaceable parts if they do get broken, so they'll spend less time out of action.


Learn everything you need to know about manual handling and the equipment required in our frequently asked questions below. Reach out to the BuyDirect team for further information and we'll be happy to help you make the right purchase for your business!

What is Material Handling?

Material handling is the process of transporting raw goods from the site in which they are made to the location where they will be manufactured, purchased, or delivered. This could be from factories to distribution centers, warehouses, or sales outlets. To ensure efficiency, the process is often supported by robotic delivery systems and equipment such as platform trucks.

What are the Four Main Groups of Material Handling Equipment?

The category of material handling equipment you need falls into one of four categories, and will depend on the type of goods, the industry your business operates in, and storage space. These categories are:

Industrial trucks

Bulk material equipment

Handling and storage equipment

Engineered systems

What is the Most Common Piece of Equipment in a Warehouse?

One of the most used pieces of equipment in any warehouse is the pallet. This is because they offer a safe and stable platform to transport large amounts of goods, while being great for storage too. Pallets can also be easily moved by material handling equipment such as pallet jacks, platform trucks, and forklifts.

What Functions Must All Material Handling Equipment Perform?

An effective piece of material handling equipment must be able to perform 4 basic functions. First, it should be able to transport loads from point to point with efficient movement techniques. The lifting equipment must also protect the goods that it is moving and control them while doing so. Finally, good handling equipment should aid the proper storage of materials.

structural-foam-tilt-truck-rectangular-850-lb-capacity-black tuff-truck-economy-truck-400-lb-capacity-16-x-16-25-x-51-5-black-enamel structural-foam-tilt-truck-rectangular-1-250-lb-capacity-black heavy-duty-platform-truck-cart-500-lb-capacity-24-x-36-platform-black two-way-convertible-hand-truck-500-600-lb-capacity-18w-x-51h-red stow-away-platform-truck-1-000-lb-capacity-24-x-39-x-40-aluminum-black cube-truck-rectangular-500-lb-capacity-black hideaway-aluminum-hand-truck-250-lb-capacity-15-5-x-16-5-x-43-5 multi-cart-8-in-1-cart-500-lb-capacity-33-25-x-17-25-x-42-5-black stow-away-heavy-duty-hand-truck-500-lb-capacity-23-x-24-x-50-aluminum structural-foam-tilt-truck-rectangular-450-lb-capacity-black cube-truck-rectangular-300-lb-capacity-black cube-truck-500-lb-capacity-black rotomolded-tilt-truck-rectangular-plastic-450-lb-capacity-black commercial-rotomolded-tilt-truck-rectangular-plastic-1-250-lb-capacity-black 3-in-1-convertible-hand-truck-800-1000lb-cap-21-06-x-21-85-x-48-03-aluminum metal-frame-cube-truck-rectangular-polyethylene-400-lb-capacity-12-cu-ft-black rotomolded-tilt-truck-rectangular-plastic-850-lb-capacity-black stow-away-collapsible-medium-hand-truck-275-lb-capacity-19-x-17-75-x-38-75-aluminum platform-truck-2-000-lb-capacity-30-x-60-x-7-black utility-duty-home-office-cart-250-lb-capacity-20-5-x-32-5-platform-black stow-and-go-cart-110-lb-capacity-15-25-x-16-x-39-aluminum structural-foam-tilt-truck-rectangular-2-100-lb-capacity-black heavy-duty-platform-truck-cart-1-200-lb-capacity-24-x-48-platform-black hideaway-convertible-truck-400-lb-capacity-15-5-x-43-x-36-aluminum bungee-cord-w-locking-clasp-black-72 heavy-duty-platform-truck-cart-2-000-lb-capacity-24-x-48-platform-black platform-truck-2-000-lb-capacity-24-x-48-x-7-black structural-foam-tilt-truck-rectangular-1-000-lb-capacity-black cube-truck-rectangular-600-lb-capacity-black ultra-lite-folding-cart-250-lb-capacity-11-x-13-25-platform-black rotomolded-tilt-truck-rectangular-plastic-0-5-cu-yd-850-lb-capacity-black recycling-cube-truck-rectangular-polyethylene-500-lb-capacity-blue structural-foam-tilt-truck-rectangular-600-lb-capacity-black optional-utility-cart-refuse-utility-bin-rectangular-8-gal-black