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Shop for Excellent Quality Printing Paper & Printing Ink

No matter what your printing needs are, it's with excellent quality printing paper and printing ink that you can create the photographs of documents your professional printing business or office requires. But what if you need to restock? At Buy Direct, we provide all you need - whether that's block printing ink, oil based inks, printing paper for inkjet printers, and more. The stock we have available is extensive, suiting multiple industries.

Among our stock are smudge- and fade-resistant ink to bring your beautiful photographs or crucial documents to life from the screen. Printing paper that is affordable is also available from our inventory, so you can add the products you require to your online shopping cart.

Complete printing jobs with minimal effort - shop for excellent quality paper for printing and ink and receive a 20% discount with your purchase with us!

Unmissable Advantages of Printing Paper and Printing Ink from Buy Direct

We know your printing process needs to be high quality, and some of the truly unmissable advantages of paper for printing and in are available, right here, from Buy Direct. Manufacturers designed our products so they make a notable difference to final, printed document or image. Here are the advantages you can gain:

Consistently Smooth Paper Surface

If you are looking for paper with a consistently smooth surface, our range delivers exactly that - our paper solutions for printing can convert into sharp, clearly printed photographs that look incredible.

They also help the printer to work efficiently without jams, so smoother, more optimal printing operations are easy to achieve with these solutions. The end result is a fast and efficient printing process on glossy paper that takes the printmaking inks well.

Try our Universal Printout Paper in White & Canary Pink, which is acid-free and economically priced, to gain these printing benefits.

Long-Lasting Printing Materials

It's when you use our printout paper for printing purposes to create your documents that you'll end up with long-lasting printing materials that do not fade over time. These solutions will ensure the pages do not transition to a yellow hue over time - the printing materials will remain in their newly printed state without deteriorating or degrading.

Large Range of High-Quality Printout Paper Types

With a large range of printout paper types, we make it possible for you to select the correct option for you. In our inventory, offer a selection of options, in various colors.

Each of the printout paper types we provide may be different, but they are all high-quality solutions. Our Universal Printout Paper in White, for example, is robust and reliable, and facilitates a continuous printing process. It comes with 2,400 sheets in just one carton.

Great Savings Available with Combo Packs

Through Buy Direct, your business can make significant savings if you need to buy glossy paper and inks for an almost satiny finish. We offer combo packs that include both the inks and the paper in one carton, so you can avoid paying twice for these quality products.

We recommend browsing our full range to find the combo packs that best align with your professional printing business's requirements.

Browse Our Paper and Printing Ink Top Picks

If you want to take a closer look at our range of paper and printing ink top picks, you will find them in this category. We provide plenty of superior quality options.

Browse and shop our incredible range below:

1. Canon 7737A001 (KP-36IP) Ink/Paper Combo - Tri-Color

For the perfect print job, our recommendation is the Canon 7737A001 Ink/Paper Combo. This solution can work optimally with a CanonĀ® printer and ensures your stunning snapshots look vibrant and professional. It comes with a tri-color ink cartridge.

Also included in this solution is glossy photo paper. It is thick and has the same appearance and texture as photo-processing media. 36 sheets are included with this product, and the glossy paper and the ink cartridge are compatible with the CanonĀ® CP-100, CP-200, CP-220, and several other models.

2. Universal Printout Paper White/Blue Bar

The Universal Printout Paper in White and Blue is a high-grade paper with specific features. It features white and blue bar paper colors striped across the page and measures 14.88 inches by 11 inches.

This solution is perfectly compatible with tractor-feed printers and has 2,400 sheets in each unit. No matter if you need to print a few documents or thousands of documents, you can do this with our Universal Printout Paper with white/blue bars.

3. Universal Printout Paper White/Green Bar

Our Universal Printout Paper in White and Green is an excellent quality printout paper. It features white and green paper colors in bands on the page, with half-inch green bars, and the roll size is 14.88 inches by 11 inches. This printout paper is another solution that works well with tractor-feed printers and it contains 2,600 sheets per unit.

4. Universal Printout Paper 400/Carton

If you need to print office documents and lack the printout paper in your stock, we recommend our Universal Printout Paper in White. This high-quality continuous print paper comes with 2,400 sheets in each unit and feeds seamlessly through tractor-feed printers.

It is entirely white in color and measures 14.88 inches by 11 inches - perfect for professional-looking documents at an affordable price.

5. Canon 0615B009 Chroma Life Ink/Paper Combo Black/Tri-Color

It's with the Canon Chroma Life Ink/Paper Combo that you can achieve an incredible, high-grade printing project. This solution is compatible with inkjet printers and comes with paper with a stunning glossy finish.

It features 50 sheets, each measuring 4 inches by 6 inches, and is available for an economical price. You won't need to worry about waiting for the images to dry for a long time, either, since the prints dry instantly with this solution.
Buy High-Grade Printing Paper and Printing Ink at Buy Direct

Making sure every print job is immaculate is best achieved with the right products, and a full selection of high-grade printing paper and inks are here to elevate the quality of your printing process. No matter which industry your business belongs to, Buy Direct can provide you with the best products. Buy excellent-quality printing paper at Buy Direct for the highest-quality finish!


Have you been looking for more details related to paper for printing and inks? Take a quick look at the answers to popular questions listed below.

Is Printer Paper the Same as Copy Paper?

The main difference between them is the thickness. Printer paper has a thicker form than copy paper - but beyond this, there is also a price difference and a weight difference. Copy paper is less costly than printer paper and has a lighter weight than its counterpart as well.

What Is the Composition of Ink for Printing?

It includes a combination of oil, such as linseed oil, or petroleum distillate - which is the ink's solvent. However, some printing inks contain resins or varnish, as well as drying agents that contribute to the drying time. The other essential feature of these inks is pigments and dyes - they give the ink its eye-catching color.

When to Use Glossy Photo Paper?

When you're hoping for bold and bright photo finishes, a great option is to use glossy photo paper. It's compatible for any type of photo, provides an excellent finish and will ensure the prints are incredibly bright and vibrant. This type of paper will also enhance the images' sharpness, so they'll look striking.

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