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Business Cards & Business Card Holders for Desks

Looking for an innovative, yet simple way to display your most important information? Make a strong impression on clients new and old with business cards, which offer a pocket-size way to get your services seen both within the workplace and out in the wider professional world.

Discover cost-effective business cards alongside convenient storage and high-quality display solutions at BuyDirect today, from a multi business card holder for your desk to a clear box for cards.

Our white-glove service promises to deliver all of the essential office supplies straight to your door, so explore the full range right now!

Different Types of Business Cards

By choosing to shop with BuyDirect, you'll be opening the door to a huge variety of options for designing and personalizing your very own business cards.

For example, choose from Avery True Print Clean Edge or Microperforated Business Cards. Both designs are made with high-quality technology that ensures they snap apart with smooth edges, giving them the ultimate professional feel.

Choose from several colors and textures to achieve the clean finish you're looking for, including everything from Glossy White to Matte Ivory. You'll also have the option to fill the entire space of the card thanks to Print-to-the-Edge designs or leave a small border with regular cards.

Either way, we have cards that are compatible with both Inkjet and Laser printers, so that you can experience the benefits of these versatile marketing tools no matter the technology available.

Thanks to the range of premium quality business cards that we stock here on BuyDirect, achieving professional standards without the professional price has never been easier. Make the most of free templates to customize your cards from brands such as Avery Design, and print only the amount of cards you need, when you need them, as often as you like!

How to Choose An Organizer for Business Cards

What's just as important as professional business cards? A business card filing system to keep everything organized, of course! We stock everything from display holders, card file trays, and desktop business card holders to file lift-off and acrylic card boxes, so however you'd like to store your cards, you can find the ideal product at BuyDirect!

When selecting the best business card folder or holder for the job, consider the following factors:

How Many Business Cards Will Be Displayed: If you have multiple team members or services, you may benefit from a business card holder for multiple cards, such as the Deflecto 8-Tier Recycled Business Card Holder. We also have those that can showcase just one card to really help highlight what you specifically have to offer, like the Kantek Acrylic Business Card Holder.

Where the Business Cards Are Displayed: If you're hoping to place a business card storage holder in an office reception, you'll want something that will instantly catch the eye of clients and display your services in a professional light. In this case, the Artistic Urban Collection Punched Metal Business Card Holder is a great pick from the collection. When displaying your cards on the wall in a doctor's surgery or law firm, for example, purchase a Deflecto 6-Pocket Business Card Holder to advertise a range of services or events.

Purpose of the Business Card Holder: Many of the card holder options we offer at BuyDirect are ideal for putting information on display. However, if you're simply looking for a business card file organizer, you may prefer Universal's Plastic Index Card Boxes or Vinyl Business Card Holder.

5 Key Benefits of Using Business Cards

Business cards may be one of the oldest marketing methods in the book, yet they remain incredibly popular today. But why should you consider investing in them for your company?

From boosting brand identity to fitting easily into your pocket, here are 5 of the biggest advantages that these small information powerhouses have to offer:

1. Affordable Advertising Method

Business cards can be easily designed and bulk printed in just minutes, making them one of the most cost-effective, yet efficient methods of advertisement. With a BuyDirect account, you can benefit even further with Preferred Membership discounts and exclusive deals. We’ll even ship your order for free, no matter the size!

2. Convenient Distribution

Handing out business cards at networking events, exhibitions, and trade shows is another easy way to get your brand message heard by large groups of people. Plus, alongside displaying on business card holders, they are small enough to keep on your person at all times – you never know when a networking opportunity could present itself!

3. Leaves a Lasting Impression

Potential clients who keep your business card in a purse or pinned to a noticeboard will have a constant physical reminder of your brand, meaning you're more likely to remain in the forefront of their minds than simply by sending an email. Handing out business cards after a client meeting or event also looks incredibly professional and demonstrates your reliability as a representative of the company.

4. Can Promote a Range of Services

Using a multi or double business card holder allows you to showcase information on different areas of your work, services that your company offers, or the varying strengths of your team members.

5. Highly Versatile

When designing your cards, utilize both sides to provide essential contact information, product or service lists, photos, and more. If you have some empty cards left over, they can also double up as loyalty tokens, gift tags, appointment reminders, and coupons for your business.


Read our frequently asked questions section below to learn more about business cards and business card holders for desks. You can also contact our friendly team for personalized recommendations and information on which options would work best for you.

How Much Does 500 Business Cards Cost?

Avery business cards start from just $20.27 for a pack of 250, meaning you can purchase 500 for around $40 from BuyDirect. Depending on your budget, they are also available in boxes of 160, 200, 400, 1000, and 2000.

What Should Be Included In a Business Card?

A good quality business card should include the name of the giver, the company they work for, and a logo. It must also convey contact information, including the street address, telephone number, email address, website, and social media handles. Finally, a business card should explain the services that the giver can offer and any USPs that could encourage client conversions.

How Do I Choose a Business Card?

Select a business card with a texture, color, size, finish, and design that best represents your brand message to reach your target audience. For example, brands that are focused on the environment may choose cards made from recycled paper, with a matte finish and simple design that conveys a humble, eco-friendly appearance.

What Comes First On a Business Card?

To make a lasting impression, the key information you want clients to take away should be the first thing that they see when reading a business card. This is likely to be your name, company, and job title on the front of the card, written in a clear, easily readable font that instantly jumps off the page.

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