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Streamline Document Disposal With Our Selection of Paper Shredders and Wholesale Shredder Supplies

If you need an all-in-one solution that effectively streamlines document disposal, ensures safeguarding against data breaches, and boosts productivity in your workplace, our selection of innovative shredder machines and wholesale shredder supplies is the perfect choice.

Explore our complete collection today and enjoy huge savings on leading brands, including HSM of America, Fellowes, GBC, and many more!

Discover Our Top 5 Best-Selling Shredder Models

Unsure of what shredder to choose? Explore our top 5 best-selling models available to order today at Buy Direct:

#1 HSM of America: shredstar X10 Cross-Cut Shredder

The shredstar X10 Cross-Cut Shredder by HSM of America is a great choice for smaller companies seeking an effective and affordable shredding solution.

This compact machine can reliably and quietly power through 10 sheets of paper at a time, making it ideal for low to moderate shredding demands while ensuring minimal workplace disruption.

Its jam-proof technology guarantees smooth operation, further minimizing interruptions. It's also impressively versatile and can tackle staples, paper clips, CDs/DVDs, and credit/store cards.

#2 Fellowes: Powershred LX200 Micro Cut Shredder

If your business prioritizes efficiency and security, choose the innovative Powershred LX200 Micro Cut Shredder by Fellowes.

This impressive machine ensures safety and smooth operation thanks to its 100% Jam Proof™ system and SafeSense® technology. It also has an ultra-quiet SilentShred feature that works with paper, credit cards, paper clips, and staples, making it both versatile and perfect for noise-sensitive environments, such as libraries and offices.

It boasts a unique user interface (UI)control bar that delivers real-time feedback on shredder productivity, available bin capacity, and more, which ensures exceptional convenience.

With a micro-cut P-4 security level, data protection is guaranteed, making this model perfect for disposing of sensitive documents, such as financial, medical, or legal information.

#3 Fellowes: Powershred 325i 100% Jam Proof Strip-Cut Shredder

The Fellowes Powershred 325i 100% Jam Proof Strip-Cut Shredder can accommodate 6-10 users, making it a perfect choice for medium to large businesses with higher shredding demands. Its 100% jam-proof system combined with SilentShred™ technology guarantees uninterrupted shredding and minimal disruptions to workspaces.

It boasts Fellowes' sought-after SafeSense® Technology, which ensures safety and is especially great for educational facilities with younger users. It even has an energy savings system that optimizes energy efficiency during and between uses.

#4 Fellowes: AutoMax 550C Auto Feed Cross-Cut Shredder

If you operate a large commercial space, be it a corporate office, law firm, library, medical center, or any other organization with high shredding demands, the powerful AutoMax 550C Auto Feed Cross-Cut Shredder by Fellowes is an excellent choice.

This high-capacity device boasts an array of advanced features, including hands-free AutoMax® technology (which continuously shreds 550 sheets of paper at a time!), SilentShred™ operation, energy-saving sleep mode, user-friendly LED touch screen, and an AccuFeed™ System for rapid shredding.

These innovative features deliver hassle-free and efficient paper, CD/DVD, credit card, staples, and paper clip shredding.

#5 Fellowes: Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder

The Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder by Fellowes is among the most advanced shredder models that offer exceptional convenience and efficiency while adhering to strict TAA guidelines.

This model is equipped with all the sought-after features, including SafeSense® technology, a 100% jam-proof system, energy saving, Auto-Oil™, and a hefty 35-gallon bin. It also accommodates 10+ users, making it perfect for large-scale establishments, such as an enterprise office, legal firms, educational institutions, government agencies, and more.

Stock Up On Wholesale Shredder Supplies for Unbeatable Prices

We have a range of cost-effective shredder supplies available to order in bulk at Buy Direct.

Choose the Shredder Lubricant Sheets by Universal if you seek effective, mess-free, and easy-to-use shredder lubricant sheets. If you're seeking performance-boosting shredder oil, choose the best-selling Powershred Performance Oil by Fellowes.

If you need a reliable and affordable disposal solution for shredded paper, choose the tear-resistant and high-capacity Plastic Shredder Bags by GBC.

For more wholesale shredder supplies, browse our full collection today!


Explore the most frequently asked questions about paper shredders and supplies to guide your shop:

How Much Should I Spend On a Paper Shredder?

The price of a paper shredder reflects its quality and features. Prices can vary depending on the sheet capacity, security level, cut type, and special features you're seeking.

Basic strip-cut machines are more affordable, ranging between $150 and $300. More advanced models, such as a cross-cut shredder, can cost between $250 and $600+. Micro-cut models are often the most costly and cost around $500+.

At Buy Direct, we have a multitude of discounted paper shredders from trusted brands like Fellowes, GBC, and HSM of America, suited to various budgets. Shop our collection and enjoy huge savings on premium paper shredder models!

How Do I Choose a Shredder Machine?

To choose the right shredder machine, consider your business needs, such as the daily volume of documents you need shredding, the level of security you require for confidential information (such as a P-4 security level micro or cross-cut shredder), and whether you want any specific features, like an auto-reverse function or jam prevention mechanisms.

By pinpointing your establishment's specific needs, such as the volume of shredding and security level, you'll successfully select the right shredder for your business.

At Buy Direct, we have a wide assortment of shredder machines with various features and functions suited to all kinds of business needs. Explore our collection and discover the perfect shredder for your establishment today!

Are Paper Shredders Worth It?

Absolutely! Paper shredders are superb investments that pose many benefits. They streamline document disposal tasks by eliminating the need for manual tearing or cutting, allowing employees to focus on other important tasks.

They also ensure data protection by destroying documents containing sensitive information, making them particularly useful in financial, legal, and healthcare industries where confidentiality is essential.

If you're seeking paper shredders for your business, explore our collection of affordable and innovative machines at Buy Direct. From cross-cut to micro-cut shredders, we have a vast selection of innovative models to choose from. Shop the range today and enjoy free delivery on your order.

Are Shredder Lubricant Sheets Necessary?

Yes, if you want to prolong the lifespan of your paper shredder machine, shredder lubricant sheets are essential.

A shredder lubricant sheet works by reducing the friction of blades, ensuring they stay sharp. By minimizing friction and protecting blades from becoming dull, these sheets prevent overheating and jamming caused by built-up paper, which can otherwise damage shredders. Alternatively, you can also use shredder oil, which serves the same purpose as lubricant sheets.

Discover a wide selection of budget-friendly, best-selling shredder lubricant sheets and oils from leading brands, including Fellowes and HSM of America, at Buy Direct today!

shredder-waste-bags-9-gal-capacity-100-carton shredstar-x10-cross-cut-shredder-10-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-lx200-micro-cut-shredder-12-manual-sheet-capacity-black shredder-lubricant-sheets-5-5-x-2-8-24-pack shredder-oil-16-oz-bottle high-density-shredder-bags-25-33-gal-capacity-100-box powershred-325i-100-jam-proof-strip-cut-shredder-24-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-performance-oil-12-oz-bottle-w-extension-nozzle powershred-225ci-100-jam-proof-cross-cut-shredder-22-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-425ci-100-jam-proof-cross-cut-shredder-30-manual-sheet-capacity-taa-compliant powershred-485ci-100-jam-proof-cross-cut-shredder-30-manual-sheet-capacity-taa-compliant shredder-waste-bags-6-7-gal-capacity-100-carton high-density-shredder-bags-16-gal-capacity-100-box87657 powershred-325ci-100-jam-proof-cross-cut-shredder-22-manual-sheet-capacity shredder-waste-bags-50-gal-capacity-50-carton powershred-225mi-100-jam-proof-micro-cut-shredder-16-manual-sheet-capacity automax-550c-auto-feed-cross-cut-shredder-550-auto-14-manual-sheet-capacity fellowes-99ci-shredder shredstar-s10-strip-cut-shredder-10-manual-sheet-capacity automax-150c-auto-feed-cross-cut-shredder-150-auto-8-manual-sheet-capacity shredder-waste-bags-32-38-gal-capacity-50-carton powershred-225i-100-jam-proof-strip-cut-shredder-22-manual-sheet-capacity automax-600m-auto-feed-micro-cut-shredder-600-auto-14-manual-sheet-capacity automax-200c-auto-feed-cross-cut-shredder-200-auto-10-manual-sheet-capacity high-density-shredder-bags-56-gal-capacity-100-box automax-100m-auto-feed-micro-cut-shredder-100-auto-10-manual-sheet-capacity plastic-shredder-bags-13-19-gal-capacity-25-box powershred-60cs-cross-cut-shredder-10-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-425i-100-jam-proof-strip-cut-shredder-38-manual-sheet-capacity-taa-compliant powershred-79ci-100-jam-proof-cross-cut-shredder-16-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-lx210-micro-cut-shredder-16-manual-sheet-capacity-white powershred-99ms-micro-cut-shredder-14-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-125ci-100-jam-proof-cross-cut-shredder-20-manual-sheet-capacity shredder-waste-bags-16-20-gal-capacity-50-carton shredder-waste-bags-25-gal-capacity-50-carton automax-200m-auto-feed-micro-cut-shredder-200-auto-10-manual-sheet-capacity light-duty-cross-cut-shredder-11-sheet-capacity powershred-485i-100-jam-proof-strip-cut-shredder-38-manual-sheet-capacity-taa-compliant shredder-waste-bags-14-20-gal-capacity-50-carton powershred-11c-cross-cut-shredder-11-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-lx220-micro-cut-shredder-20-manual-sheet-capacity-black powershred-lx210-micro-cut-shredder-16-manual-sheet-capacity-black automax-350c-auto-feed-cross-cut-shredder-350-auto-12-manual-sheet-capacity high-density-shredder-bags-40-45-gal-capacity-100-box plastic-shredder-bags-for-taa-compliant-shredders-35-60-gal-capacity-100-box powershred-70s-medium-duty-strip-cut-shredder-14-manual-sheet-capacity ex12-05-super-cross-cut-shredder-12-manual-sheet-capacity plastic-shredder-bags-30-gal-capacity-25-box powershred-125i-100-jam-proof-strip-cut-shredder-18-manual-sheet-capacity dx20-19-cross-cut-jam-free-shredder-20-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-63cb-cross-cut-shredder-10-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-62mc-micro-cut-shredder-10-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-73ci-100-jam-proof-cross-cut-shredder-12-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-74c-cross-cut-shredder-14-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-lx200-micro-cut-shredder-12-manual-sheet-capacity-white powershred-lx220-micro-cut-shredder-20-manual-sheet-capacity-white ex10-05-super-cross-cut-shredder-10-manual-sheet-capacity shredstar-x20-cross-cut-shredder-20-manual-sheet-capacity powershred-90s-strip-cut-shredder-18-manual-sheet-capacity shredder-bags-58-gal-capacity-100-bags-roll-1-roll