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Are you hoping to boost productivity rates in your office? Do you want to give higher-quality sales presentations? If so, support effective daily operations within your workplace by stocking up on the latest sound technology equipment.

Maintaining strong working relationships with clients across the world requires high-quality audio. There's nothing worse than muffled voices coming through the speakers during an important meeting or presentation – that's why we offer everything from

Hi-Fi headphones to two way radios and multimedia speakers, to ensure that your voice can always be heard.

At BuyDirect, find all of the technological supplies, wireless radios, cables, batteries, and computer accessories you need to upgrade your office's audio and stay connected today. Benefit from 20% off when you shop with us, plus enjoy fast and free delivery on all orders thanks to our handy white glove service!

What is Sound Technology?

Also known as sound engineering, sound technology simply refers to the operation and maintenance of equipment that produces audio in the communication and entertainment fields.

It also includes the tools that process, capture, playback, and record audio, such as tape recorders, CD players, speakers, microphones, amplifiers, headphones, radio receivers, and mixing consoles.

Whether you're listening to a podcast alone or giving a speech to a large audience, these devices help to enhance sound quality, ensuring that voices, words, and music can always be heard clearly for improved communication between colleagues.

Benefits of Supplying Headphones for Your Office

Headphones aren't just useful in call centers, where staff spend all day on the phone – they're also a brilliant investment for those in any busy working environment, from marketing offices to schools!

Rather than coming from all directions, audio playing directly into your ear provides a higher sound quality and a much more immersive experience, allowing headphone wearers to hear every detail with depth and clarity.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider purchasing headphones for your team:

1. Cancels Noise

Have you ever tried to maintain focus in a loud café or open-plan office? By filtering out background noise, headphones equipped with built-in noise-canceling technology can block out those pesky distractions and any ambient noise around you.

You'll therefore find it much easier to focus in on the important details when listening to a training video, for instance, while colleagues will be able to hear you much more clearly when taking part in video conferences.

2. Improves Productivity

Studies show that wearing headphones while making phone calls can help employees boost their productivity rates by up to 40%!

This is because they create a personal sound barrier, allowing team members to stay in the zone when working towards a big deadline or simply speaking to valued clients on the phone.

3. Lowers Stress

After a difficult meeting or a busy working day that hasn't quite gone to plan, there's sometimes no better feeling than putting on a pair of headphones and escaping the world for a few moments.

Taking a break and listening to your favorite music, podcast, or simply some inspirational content can help employees refocus and feel motivated once more when they return to work.

4. Prevents Pain

Using headphones and headsets to speak to customers or colleagues can ease the back pain that often comes with cradling a phone between your ear and shoulder. This also helps to prevent bad posture or even phone-related repetitive strain injuries, while ensuring that employees feel comfortable and relaxed at their desks.

Shop Our Range of Sound Technology Products

Whether you're working in an education facility, warehouse, retail store, or office, no workplace in any industry should be without state-of-the-art electronic equipment.

Here are some of our bestselling products for improving sound quality and supporting effective communication for your business:

Kensington Hi-Fi Headphones:With powerful 40mm drivers, these headphones deliver exceptional deep bass and a wider dynamic range. The padded headband and plush sealed earpads provide a comfortable fit, while flexible earpads also enable single-sided monitoring capability. Available with or without a microphone for high-quality stereo sound!

Logitech Z50 Multimedia Speaker: Connect this gray speaker to multiple devices, such as your PC, smartphone, tablet, or laptop for surprisingly loud sound. The 2 1/4" watt produces 5 watts of power, or ten watts at its peak setting! Plus, the compact single driver is portable, so you can play multimedia anywhere in your home, office, warehouse, or store.

Logitech Z150 Multimedia Speakers: Produce clear stereo sound that can be enjoyed all around your business, thanks to these multimedia speakers. With 6 watts of total peak power, the 2 x 2" drivers deliver three watts of clear-quality acoustic sound each, while the 3.5 mm audio input and auxiliary line can be used to play content from multiple devices simultaneously.


What Does Sound Technology Mean?

Sound technology is a field focused on the engineering, operation, and maintenance of audio equipment. This type of technology can process, reproduc, or record sound, while also enhancing volume so that words or music can be heard more clearly by large audiences.

What Are Some Key Examples of Sound Technology?

Speakers are one of the most popular and commonly used pieces of audio equipment for reproducing sounds clearly and loudly. Other examples include:

- Microphones
- Headphones
- Smart speakers
- Power amplifiers
- CD players
- Radio receivers
- Tape recorders
- Mixing consoles
- AV receivers
- Effects units

How Does Sound Technology Work?

Sound technology equipment like speakers works by converting the electrical waves it gathers into mechanical energy. This energy then compresses the air, which converts the motion into sound pressure level (SPL), or sound energy. When an electrical current travels through the speaker's voice coil, it generates an electrical field – this is then linked to the speaker's magnetic field.

How Do I Choose the Best Sound Equipment?

The best type of audio technology for your business depends on your unique needs. For instance, speakers and microphones will be necessary for allowing sound to travel long distances if you're holding a conference in a large room with several people. For busy offices where staff work more independently, headphones can be a great investment for boosting focus and productivity.

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