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Shop Telephones and Telephone Accessories

Want to enhance communication with clients and between departments? Looking for a way for your staff to relieve shoulder pain and improve posture while sitting at their desks? With our comprehensive range of telephone accessories, we have the solution for you right here at BuyDirect!

Stay connected with top-quality corded telephones, wireless systems, headsets, and shoulder rests that are designed with both reliability and ergonomics in mind.

Stock up on any of our bulk technology supplies today and get 20% off the current price with your first order. Plus, enjoy fast and free shipping straight to your door, thanks to our bespoke white glove delivery service.

4 Types of Telephones and Accessories

Unsure of which communication system is best for your workplace? Discover the most popular phone types we stock here at BuyDirect, along with some key telephone accessories to ensure those important client conversations run smoothly:

#1 Cordless Phones

Although cordless phones have a base unit connected to the main telephone line, they operate on radio frequencies. This allows users to move around within a specific range, making hands-free conversation easy.

As an expandable system, the Vtech CS6619-2 Cordless Phone System comes with a base telephone, one additional handset, and the option to expand the network by another five handsets.

This cordless phone also features a variety of modes that are ideal if you need to quickly grab a client document when on the phone; for instance, Quite Mode silences the ringer on the handset and base unit immediately if you're in an important meeting.

ECO Mode power-conserving technology manages the phone's battery life for optimal performance, so you can talk to customers or colleagues for as long as necessary without interruption.

#2 Corded Speakerphone

As the earliest and most traditional form of telephone, corded speaker phones use physical lines to transmit voice signals between handsets.

They make the perfect desktop phones for busy offices where workers aren't required to move too far away from the desk, eliminating the need for charging. This ensures that your phone is ready to go with a secure connection whenever needed.

Corded phones also tend to offer a higher-quality connection than mobile or wireless phones. This is especially ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, and even warehouses, where all staff members know exactly where they can access a reliable telephone during an emergency.

With the ATT CL4940 Corded Speakerphone, you can talk and listen without holding the handset. Thanks to Power Failure mode providing peace of mind during outages and Audio Assist ensuring you can hear callers clearly, this is one of our most reliable phones on offer. It also has a large tilt display and oversized buttons, making this phone extra easy to use when you're in a rush.

#3 Phone Answering System

Whether you're working in a busy office or a bustling hotel, there won't always be a staff member on hand to oversee the phones. That's where an answering system comes in, accepting missed calls and offering the option for clients, customers, or colleagues to leave a message.

You can also leave a professional greeting personalized to your business to assure callers that you'll get back to them as soon as possible – this could be the difference between losing and securing that big client!

The ATT SB67138 DECT 6.0 Phone/Answering System is a great choice for business use as the base is expandable by up to 10 handsets. It features a separate mailbox and auto-attendant voicemail on each line, along with three-way calling, speed dial, redial, mute and hold settings, and remote access.

#4 Shoulder Rest

For workers who prefer leaving their hands free when on the phone, shoulder rests are one of the most essential telephone accessories to invest in.

Thanks to their ergonomic design, these rests can be placed between the shoulder and ear to provide extra cushioning and keep the head straight during long conversations, therefore preventing pain and improving posture. This also means that you can make notes or locate documents during those important phone calls.

Answer Calls More Effectively with Headsets

From Full-Cup Bass Headphones to Convertible Wireless Headsets, discover the benefits of choosing a hands-free alternative to telephones and check out some of our top product recommendations below:

Improves Sound Quality

Working in a busy office not only makes it difficult to concentrate, hence potentially reducing productivity levels, but the noisy environment can also be disruptive when speaking on the phone. Models such as the EncorePro Premium Monaural Headset feature a noise-canceling microphone that filters out background sounds, ensuring that callers can hear only your voice.

Allows Multitasking

With a headset, there's no need to juggle holding a phone between your shoulder and ear when needing to take notes or use the computer during a phone call. Instead, benefit from the lightweight design of a Convertible Wireless Headset and get audio controls at your fingertips.

You can also answer important calls up to 300 feet away from your desk while performing other office tasks, therefore making the most of every moment of the working day.

Reduces Pain

Cradling a phone on your shoulder may free up your hands, but can cause significant neck and shoulder pain. Using a headset eliminates this tension and allows you to maintain good posture at your desk, which further reduces the risk of pain in the future.

Prevents Fatigue

Sitting down all day can often leave workers feeling tired, sluggish, and demotivated. Using headsets instead of telephones therefore provides a great opportunity for you to get moving around the office away from your desk, which helps to keep you active and prevents those mid-afternoon energy crashes.

Fitting a Handset Lifter onto your telephone makes this process even more convenient by allowing you to answer calls remotely with one-touch operation.


Discover the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions on telephones and telephone accessories below:

What Types of Landlines Are There?

There are two main types of landline phones in every country: corded and cordless. In a corded landline, the phone base and handset are linked by a cord, which is then connected to the provider's cabling through a wall jack. Cordless phone bases are also connected by a jack, but the handset is linked wirelessly.

What is the Difference Between a Wireless Phone and a Landline?

Landline phones are connected to a telecom provider via wires. These are one of the most reliable phone types because these wires also carry electricity, meaning that they'll keep working in the event of a power outage. Mobile phones are connected to the provider's company computers, which they communicate with via cell towers.

Is It Worth Keeping Landline Phones?

One of the key reasons why it's a good idea for businesses to keep landline phones is that they work during power outages. This is especially important for industries such as healthcare and emergency services. Unlike with cell phones, there's also less chance of dropped calls or poor reception due to a weak cellular network.

What Life Expectancy Do Landline Phones Have?

Although less common due to the rise of digital technology, traditional landline phones that use copper wires, telephone lines, and a standard desk handset generally have long lifespans. As the most reliable choice, they can last for as long as 10 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance.

How Much Do Telephones Cost Monthly?

On average, the original price of a traditional landline service falls into the range of $20 to $50. However, this will vary depending on the service provider, your location, the plan type, and the number of handsets your business requires. Extra features such as voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID may also cost more.

standard-telephone-shoulder-rest-2-5-8w-x-7-1-2d-x-2-1-4l-black cs6619-2-cordless-phone-system-base-and-1-additional-handset handset-lifter-for-use-with-plantronics-cordless-headset-systems b-13-bass-earbuds-with-microphone-white-52-cord bass-13-headphone-with-mic-black cl4940-corded-speakerphone standard-telephone-shoulder-rest-2-5-8w-x-7-1-2d-x-2-1-4l-pearl-gray softalk-standard-telephone-shoulder-rest-2-5-8w-x-7-1-2d-x-2-1-4l-charcoal eb125-digital-stereo-binaural-ear-buds-for-portable-music-players 210-trimline-telephone-black eb-95-stereo-earbuds-white hi-fi-headphones-plush-sealed-earpads-black zum-maestro-hs-2060-monaural-over-the-head-headset softalk-ii-telephone-shoulder-rest-2w-x-6-3-4d-x-2-1-2l-charcoal two-line-cordless-accessory-handset-for-ds6151 sb67138-dect-6-0-phone-answering-system-4-line-1-corded-1-cordless-handset softalk-ii-telephone-shoulder-rest-2w-x-6-3-4d-x-2-1-2l-black 210-trimline-telephone-white b-13-bass-earbuds-with-microphone-black-52-cord cs6124-cordless-answering-system hp-200-stereo-headphones-silver tl86009-dect-6-0-cordless-accessory-handset-for-tl86109 encorepro-premium-monaural-over-the-head-headset-with-noise-canceling-microphone encorepro-520-binaural-over-the-head-headset hp-100-headphones-black encorepro-premium-binaural-over-the-head-headset-with-noise-canceling-microphone adapter-y-splitter-for-training-purposes-2-people-can-listen standard-telephone-shoulder-rest-2-5-8w-x-7-1-2d-x-2-1-4l-ivory kids-safe-headphones-pink-blue-silver in-ear-buds-with-built-in-microphone-black cs6609-cordless-accessory-handset-for-use-with-cs6629-or-cs6649-series voyager-8200-uc-binaural-over-the-head-headset telephone-shoulder-rest-gel-padded-black savi-w8220m-binaural-over-the-head-headset cs540-monaural-convertible-wireless-headset direct-connect-cable-black tl86109-two-line-dect-6-0-phone-system-with-bluetooth app-51-electronic-hookswitch-cable savi-w8220-binaural-over-the-head-headset ml17929-two-line-corded-speakerphone cl2940-one-line-corded-speakerphone savi-w8210m-monaural-over-the-head-headset encorepro-510v-monaural-over-the-head-headset vista-m22-audio-processor two-line-expandable-cordless-phone-with-answering-system encorepro-540-monaural-convertible-headset savi-w8210-monaural-over-the-head-headset mini-softalk-telephone-shoulder-rest-1-3-4w-x-4-1-8d-x-1-7-8l-black apc-43-electronic-hookswitch-cable-black ml17939-two-line-speakerphone-with-caller-id-and-digital-answering-system tl88002-cordless-accessory-handset-for-use-with-tl88102 blackwire-3225-binaural-over-the-head-headset encorepro-510-monaural-over-the-head-headset mda-100-switch-black apv-63-electronic-hookswitch-cable voyager-5200-uc-monaural-over-the-ear-bluetooth-headset