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Organize Your Workspace with Our Affordable Wholesale Office Tags

From arranging and labeling inventory to adding key delivery information to shipments, office tags serve so many helpful purposes!

At Buy Direct, we have hundreds of office tags available to order in bulk for unbeatable prices. Shop our collection today and enjoy great deals on leading brands, including Avery, Durable, Monarch, and many more!

Check Out Our Best-Selling Office Tags

Buy Direct is home to hundreds of top-quality office tags from leading brands, including Avery, Durable, Monarch, and many more! If you're looking for the best office tags, check out our best-sellers:

Avery Medium-Weight White Marking Tags:

The Avery Medium-Weight White Marking Tags are super versatile tags, perfect for labeling items for sale and organizing inventory or storage. They come ready-knotted, so you can quickly label items without the need for any sticky adhesives.

Avery Unstrung Shipping Tags:

Avery's Unstrung Shipping Tags feature a smooth writing surface that lets you easily jot down addresses and shipping instructions. They are also incredibly durable, so you needn't worry about these tags falling off or tearing while parcels are in transit.

Avery Duplicate Auto Park Tags:

Ready-labeled with numbers from 1-500, the Avery Duplicate Auto Park Tags provide a convenient solution for parking management that will undoubtedly boost your establishment's organization.

Durable Key Tags for Locking Key Cabinets:

The Durable Key Tags for Locking Key Cabinets are perfect for labeling keys, be it for vehicles, cabinets, storage units, or hotel suites. They boast extra-large snap-open label windows and a patented key ring shaft that securely attaches labels to keys.

Avery Double Wired Shipping Tags:

Avery's Double Wired Shipping Tags are incredibly versatile tags that you can use to label shipments or add shipping instructions and addresses. They have a neutral background that ensures black text stands out and feature reinforced holes for extra strength - you never need to worry about these tough tags falling off!

Avery Repair Tags:

The Repair Tags by Avery make labeling a breeze, thanks to their pre-printed, lined writing spaces. They allow you to easily add the name, date, address, and other essential information needed to identify repaired items.

Avery Printable Rectangular Tags with Strings:

The multi-purpose Avery Printable Rectangular Tags with Strings allow you to add your own printed design, making them fantastic for branding purposes, such as adding your company logo. They also come equipped with pre-punched holes and durable string, allowing you to easily attach the tags to your chosen products or supplies.

5 Brilliant Ways To Use Office Tags and Stickers

There are many handy ways to utilize office tags and stickers. If you need some inspiration on how to use these helpful workspace accessories, check out our top five suggestions: 

1. Adding Shipping Information To Parcels:

If your business regularly posts parcels or letters, tags and stickers are super useful tools that allow you to add addresses and include shipping instructions.

2. Labeling Office Inventory:

If you have lots of office supplies and equipment, stickers, and tags are must-have accessories that save people time and effort rummaging through boxes and drawers. You can label inventory in many ways, such as by material or category, such as 'paper' or 'stationary.'

3. Organizing Documents:

If your establishment handles different documents, tags, and stickers serve as handy labels that help distinguish different files. For example, you can categorize documents based on their contents, such as 'financial reports or client information.' You can also use different color tags and stickers to code documents based on their priority, such as red for 'urgent,' yellow for 'pending,' and green for 'complete.'

4. Adding Information To Products:

If you operate a store, you can use tags and stickers to label products with names, price tags, and any other necessary information (such as promotional deals). This will help customers understand the items they are purchasing and help employees identify products and determine their value.

5. Setting Reminders:

Labels and stickers are commonly used to set visual reminders for important tasks, typically those that have deadlines, such as assignment submissions.


Have questions about our Office Tags and Stickers collection? Explore these ready-answered FAQs:

What Are Office Tags and Stickers For?

Office tags and stickers serve many handy purposes. They are often used to keep track of inventory, label supplies, and organize documents. Tags and stickers can also be used to label parcels for shipping and products in retail stores.

They present many benefits, including enhanced workspace organization and productivity, making them fantastic for all businesses seeking to improve their efficiency and make daily tasks easier.

If you're searching for tags and stickers, head over to Buy Direct and explore hundreds of cost-effective, high-quality products from leading brands, including Avery, Durable, Monarch, and many more. Shop online today!

Why Are Office Stickers Useful?

Office stickers are incredibly handy when organizing documents, supplies, and equipment. They're also great for creating task reminders, marking important deadlines, and categorizing items or files, such as high, low, and medium-priority documents.

Overall, stickers help workplaces stay organized and productive in many ways, making them brilliant office accessories.

If you want to experience the benefits of using office stickers, discover our complete selection at Buy Direct today. We have an assortment of top-quality tags and sticker products available for super cheap wholesale prices! Shop our complete collection today.

What Must Every Workplace Label Have?

Workplace labels, including office stickers and tags, must have clear writing or text to ensure everyone who reads them can easily identify the labeled object.

To ensure the best results when creating labels, use capital letters and concise, straight-to-the-point language. This will ensure your colleagues can easily read the label while quickly identifying labeled items.

You can also create a coded system by using different colored tags and stickers associated with different categories, departments, or urgencies. For example, if you're labeling documents, you can use red for sensitive data, yellow for pending documents, and green for completed work.

Color-coded systems like this serve as filters that offer quick visual identification, making it easier for staff to distinguish different documents.
If you want to improve your workspace organization with labels, discover our vast assortment of tag and sticker options at Buy Direct for unbeatably cheap, wholesale prices!

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