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Shop Media Storage & the Latest Technology Supplies

Staying up to date with the newest technology on the market is essential for any business wanting to prioritize data protection, organization, security, and productivity. So, no matter the industry your company operates in, from agriculture to the automotive sector, why not look at upgrading your data and media storage device today?

Discover all the technology supplies you need for secure, long-term storage of data at BuyDirect, including pocket-sized flash drives, CDs, memory cards, and external drives for PCs and laptops.

Keep your office or workplace running smoothly without running to the store, thanks to our hassle-free white glove service. Shop the full range today and we'll deliver all orders straight to your door!

Discover Our Collection of Computer Data Storage

Improve the performance capabilities of your office's technological equipment with convenient storage solutions. Discover some of our best-sellers below:

USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives offer an easy plug-and-play design, making them ideal for keeping your data stored all in one location. It's easy to take your device on the go thanks to their pocket-sized design, whether you're traveling for work or moving from desk to desk around the office.

Try the Verbatim Classic USB 2.0 4GB Flash Drive at BuyDirect for smaller projects, which provides all the basic features you'd ever need to capture and carry important information around with you.

Alternatively, we'd recommend the Verbatim Store 'n' Go 128 GB USB Flash Drive for those needing larger external storage capacities.

Its textured grip and retractable housing make the device easy to open and close without the need for a protective cap. Plus, password protection software adds an extra layer of security, providing you with peace of mind as you work.

CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs aren't limited to playing music or watching your favorite films; they also offer an effective method for storing professional media files, including multimedia presentations, digital images, archival backups, and more.

One of our BuyDirect best sellers in this category is the Maxell DVD Discs. Shop the DVD-R edition for a write-once format, which provides complete security by preventing media from being altered. Alternatively, the DVD-RW version can be rewritten up to 1000 times, making it a more suitable option for long-term use.

All of these models offer high-speed recording for quickly burning large amounts of data and delivering top-quality performance for years to come.

Memory Cards

Secure Digital (SD) cards are one of the most widely used memory cards that you'll find on the technological market. They are a type of removable device that stores data in everything from digital cameras to smartphones and tablets, making them a highly versatile option for all businesses.

We offer an extensive range of memory cards at BuyDirect, and the type you'll need will depend on the storage capacity of your device. Here's a breakdown of each option:

SDHC – Secure Digital High Capacity cards, such as the Verbatim Pro 600X, support the storage of data between 2 GB and 32 GB.

SDXC – Secure Digital Extended Capacity cards are typically suitable for files from 32 GB to 2 TB. We'd recommend the Verbatim Premium SDXC memory cards, which range from 64GB to 128 GB on BuyDirect.

Micro SD – These versions offer the same capacity and standard SDHC and SDXC cards, but are made for smaller slots.

CompactFlash – A small, yet fast and durable memory card designed for devices that require higher capacity flash memory. Try the Verbatim 4GB CompactFlash Class 4, which features an integrated controller for a highly optimized performance.

External Hard Drive

A top-quality external hard drive for laptop or PC offers a large and permanent capacity for holding stored data. Our bestseller is the Verbatim Store N Go Portable Hard Drive, a device that offers 1TB of storage and up to 10x faster transfer speeds.

Try the Titan XS Portable Hard Drive if you're looking for something a little more lightweight. This USB hard drive comes with a shock-resistant rubberized enclosure, which helps to prevent damage while you're on the go.

5 Main Types of Media Storage Container

With the wide variety of data storage types available, choosing which is best for your business' productivity can be an overwhelming task. Check out our speedy guide on the best long-term data storage to help your teams get the most out of their technological devices:

Hard Drives (HDDs): Traditional hard drives store large amounts of information and are therefore one of the most popular options for computer data storage. Some hard drives are built-in computer components, while others are external.

Solid-State Drives (SSDs): This is a more modern type of storage device for files and data that can often be found in computers. SSDs are faster than HDDs as they use a flash-based memory system, which helps to speed up your computer and boost its performance.

Flash Storage: An even faster type of storage that uses an electrically programable type of memory to write and store data in a flash! This typically comes in the form of a USB flash drive device like the Innovera 3.0, and you can find more than 40 unique models here at BuyDirect.

Floppy Disks: Floppy disks are a simple, money-saving way of storing data using an external compatible drive. However, they do fit an older standard limiting the amount of data that can be stored, which means that they may not be the most effective option for modern devices.

Optical Storage: This laser system is used in CDs and DVDs to encode data onto a portable device. These devices offer great simplicity and durability at a lower cost compared to many other media storage options.

For more guidance on creating an effective file storage solution, reach out to the BuyDirect team today.

Data Storage Accessories and Holders

Our media range may be useful for bringing your business' data together, but don't forget you'll need somewhere to safely store it all! Explore our data storage accessory range below to help keep your office organized:

Media Sleeves – Store your DVDs safely in double-sided organizer sheets. Pop them in C-Line Deluxe CD Ring Binder Pages made from strong polypropylene, and expand the capacity of your CD case holder with Vaultz Two-Sided Refill Pages.

Jewel Cases – These clear cases are the classic option for protecting CDs and DVDs. The thin Innovera version takes up less space than a standard jewel case, while offering durability thanks to the translucent polystyrene material.

Media Trays and Racks – Keep sensitive information securely under lock and key with the Innovera CD/DVD Storage Drawer, which holds up to 150 discs. This adds an extra layer of protection to media sleeves and disc storage cases.

Media Wallets and Cases – The Durable EVA molded exterior of the Case-Logic Portable Hard Drive Case is a compact way of protecting your external hard drive from damage while traveling. Try the smaller USB Drive Shuttle to safely store up to two flash drives.


Check out our comprehensive FAQ section below to guide your media storage purchasing decisions:

What is Media Storage?

Storage media is the physical hardware used to securely store electronic and digital data. This can be built into an internal computer system or an external device, including USB flash drives, SD cards, memory cards, and external hard drives, along with CDs or DVDs.

What Are the Main Types of Media Storage?

Media and data storage can be part of an internal technology system, such as the Solid State Drive (SSD) within a computer. Other types of media storage are external to these systems and come in the form of removable devices. Some popular options include compact discs (CDs), universal serial bus (USB) flash drives, and memory cards.

What is the Best Data Storage Method?

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are considered the best modern data storage option thanks to their flash-based memory systems This facilitates the fast transfer of data between devices with optimal reliability, and can be found in the form of an external hard drive.

memory-sdxc-card-128gb-be dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-gold-50-pack dvd-rw-discs-4-7gb-2x-spindle-gold-15-pack deluxe-individual-cd-dvd-holders-50-bx cd-dvd-slim-jewel-cases-clear-black-100-pack cd-dvd-storage-drawer-holds-150-discs-light-gray inkjet-printable-dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-white-50-pack store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-128-gb-red slim-cd-case-clear-25-pack dvd-rw-discs-4-7gb-4x-spindle-silver-15-pack smart-cleaning-card-with-waffletechnology-10-per-box self-adhesive-cd-diskette-pockets-10-pack memory-mcr-sdhc-16gb-bk cd-dvd-envelopes-clear-window-white-50-pack usb-3-0-flash-drive-32-gb store-n-go-secure-pro-usb-flash-drive-with-aes-256-encryption-64-gb-silver cd-r-discs-700mb-80min-48x-spindle-silver-50-pack memory-sdxc-card-128gb 32gb-pro-600x-sdhc-memory-card-uhs-i-v30-u3-class-10 store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-8-gb-red ultralife-gold-archival-grade-cd-r-w-branded-surface-700mb-52x-50-pk-spindle cd-r-discs-700mb-80min-52x-slim-jewel-cases-assorted-colors-25-pack cd-dvd-pockets-25-pack cd-pocket-clear-white-5-pack classic-usb-2-0-flash-drive-8-gb-blue two-sided-cd-refill-pages-for-three-ring-binder-50-pack laser-cd-labels-matte-white-100-pack classic-usb-2-0-flash-drive-16-gb-blue-5-pack dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-matte-silver-50-pack dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-silver-100-pack60601 standard-dvd-case-black-10-pack two-sided-cd-organizer-sheets-for-three-ring-binder-5-pack cd-dvd-slim-case-assorted-colors-50-pack memory-mcr-sdhc-32gb-bk inkjet-cd-labels-matte-white-40-pack store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-32-gb-red titan-xs-portable-hard-drive-usb-3-0-1-tb usb-3-0-flash-drive-64-gb dvd-rw-discs-4-7gb-4x-w-slim-jewel-cases-pearl-10-pack inkjet-full-face-cd-labels-glossy-white-20-pack cd-r-discs-700mb-80min-52x-w-slim-jewel-cases-silver-10-pack laser-cd-labels-matte-white-250-pack classic-usb-2-0-flash-drive-64-gb-blue inkjet-full-face-cd-labels-matte-white-40-pack usb-3-0-flash-drive-32-gb-3-pack store-n-go-secure-pro-usb-flash-drive-with-aes-256-encryption-32-gb-silver inkjet-cd-labels-matte-white-100-pack cd-dvd-slim-jewel-cases-clear-black-50-pack store-n-go-v3-usb-3-0-drive-8-gb-black-gray cd-rw-700mb-4x-12x-high-speed-branded-surface-10-pk-slim-case cd-dvd-slim-jewel-cases-clear-black-25-pack cd-dvd-sleeves-250-box cd-dvd-sleeves-100-box usb-3-0-flash-drive-8-gb memory-sdxc-card-64gb-be tech-no-tear-poly-paper-cd-dvd-sleeves-100-box dvd-r-dual-layer-recordable-disc-8-5gb-8x-printable-spindle-50-pk slim-cd-case-assorted-colors-10-pack inkjet-cd-dvd-jewel-case-inserts-matte-white-20-pack cd-r-discs-700mb-80min-48x-spindle-silver-100-pack usb-3-0-flash-drive-16-gb pocket-card-reader-usb-2-0-black-windows-mac dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-silver-50-pack52364 v3-max-usb-3-0-flash-drive-256-gb-blue store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-32-gb-assorted-colors-2-pack self-adhesive-cd-holder-5-1-3-x-5-2-3-10-pk cd-r-700mb-52x-white-inkjet-printable-hub-printable-100-pk-spindle two-sided-cd-dvd-pages-for-three-ring-binder-10-pack cd-r-discs-700mb-80-min-48x-spindle-printable-matte-white-100-pack classic-usb-2-0-flash-drive-4-gb-blue bd-r-blu-ray-disc-25gb-16x-25-pk two-sided-cd-refill-pages-for-three-ring-binder-25-pack store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-16-gb-assorted-colors-3-pack dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-gold-100-pack dual-layer-dvd-r-discs-8-5gb-8x-spindle-30-pk-silver store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-16-gb-assorted-colors-4-pack store-n-go-v3-usb-3-0-drive-256-gb-black-gray laser-cd-labels-matte-white-50-pack cd-r-discs-700mb-80min-52x-spindle-white-100-pack laser-inkjet-3-5-diskette-labels-white-375-pack 2-drawer-cd-file-cabinet-holds-330-folders-or-120-slim-60-standard-cases-black 4-drawer-cd-file-cabinet-holds-660-folders-or-240-slim-120-standard-cases-black dvd-rw-4-7gb-4x-30-pk-spindle usb-3-0-flash-drive-128-gb store-n-go-micro-usb-drive-plus-16-gb-black 32gb-premium-sdhc-memory-card-uhs-i-v10-u1-class-10-up-to-90mb-s-read-speed self-adhesive-media-pockets-10-pack dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-gold-15-pack two-sided-cd-storage-sleeves-for-ring-binder-25-pack dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-silver-25-pack87559 cd-rw-discs-700mb-80min-4x-12x-spindle-25-pk classic-usb-2-0-flash-drive-16-gb-blue cd-r-discs-700mb-80min-48x-w-slim-jewel-cases-silver-10-pack dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-silver-50-pack71600 toughmax-usb-flash-drive-16-gb-black store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-64-gb-assorted-colors-2-pack usb-3-0-flash-drive-16-gb-3-pack cd-file-folders-100-pack 16gb-premium-sdhc-memory-card-uhs-i-v10-u1-class-10-up-to-80mb-s-read-speed store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-8-gb-assorted-colors-3-pack laser-cd-labels-matte-white-40-pack store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-16-gb-red portable-hard-drive-case-molded-eva-black store-n-go-portable-hard-drive-usb-3-0-1-tb-diamond-silver store-n-save-desktop-hard-drive-usb-3-0-2-tb-diamond-black dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-silver-100-pack38865 deluxe-cd-ring-binder-storage-pages-standard-stores-4-cds-10-pack store-n-go-secure-pro-usb-flash-drive-with-aes-256-encryption-16-gb-silver store-n-go-v3-usb-3-0-drive-64-gb-black-gray 8gb-premium-sdhc-memory-card-uhs-1-v10-u1-class-10-up-to-70mb-s-read-speed v3-max-usb-3-0-flash-drive-64-gb-blue deluxe-cd-ring-binder-storage-pages-standard-stores-8-cds-5-pack corrugated-media-file-holds-125-diskettes-35-standard-cases-white-black store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-32-gb-assorted-colors-3-pack store-n-go-v3-usb-3-0-drive-128-gb-black-gray dvd-rw-discs-4-7gb-4x-spindle-30-pack laser-cd-labels-matte-white-30-pack store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-4-gb-assorted-colors-3-pack dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-100-pack 64gb-pro-600x-sdxc-memory-card-uhs-i-v30-u3-class-10 toughmax-usb-flash-drive-32-gb-black dvd-r-4-7gb-8x-datalifeplus-white-inkjet-printable-hub-printable-50-pk-spindle universal-card-reader-usb-2-0-black-windows-mac dvd-r-discs-hub-printable-4-7gb-16x-spindle-matte-white-50-pack store-n-go-v3-usb-3-0-drive-32-gb-black-gray store-n-go-v3-usb-3-0-drive-16-gb-black-blue dual-layer-dvd-r-discs-8-5gb-8x-w-jewel-cases-5-pack-silver store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-64-gb-red audio-dictation-mini-cassette-30-minutes-15-x-2-10-pack store-n-go-usb-flash-drive-4-gb-red inkjet-dvd-labels-matte-white-20-pack 4gb-premium-sdhc-memory-card-uhs-i-u1-class-10-up-to-30mb-s-read-speed usb-drive-shuttle-holds-2-usb-drives-blue locking-media-binder-holds-200-discs-black 4gb-compactflash-memory-card-class-4 card-64gb-microsdxc-bk dvd-r-disc-4-7-gb-16x-white-50-pk classic-usb-2-0-flash-drive-32-gb-blue v3-max-usb-3-0-flash-drive-128-gb-blue store-n-go-usb-3-0-portable-hard-drive-4-tb-black-diamond 16gb-pro-600x-sdhc-memory-card-uhs-i-v30-u3-class-10 dvd-r-discs-4-7gb-16x-spindle-silver-50-pack