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Great takeout options keep customers coming in.
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Food Service Supplies | Restaurant Supply Store

Offer food and beverage service through your business?

Shop BuyDirect to ensure you have the right food service supplies, from to-go containers to utensils.

Great takeout options keep customers coming in.

Browse our huge selection of takeout supplies.

Protective Food Service Apparel – BuyDirect

Get the food service apparel that commercial kitchen and food manufacturing employees need at BuyDirect. Shop for aprons, gloves and more.

Whether you work in hospitality or food manufacturing, you know that industry standards demand particular articles of clothing for your staff to keep them and the food supply safe and sanitary. If you supply food service apparel to your workers, you can find that apparel at terrific prices when you shop at BuyDirect. We have the products you need from brands that you trust.

Keeping Food Safe

Those who work in manufacturing, processing or preparing food need to take precautions to prevent contamination. Articles of clothing such as gloves, aprons and head coverings are typical in these work environments, and you can stock up when you shop with BuyDirect from Mission. We have everything you need to stay productive without compromising cleanliness. 

Keeping Staff Safe

The right food service apparel can also help protect your employees from accidents and injury while on the job. Check out the selection of clothing and accessories at BuyDirect from Mission for low prices on the protective gear you and your staff use daily.

Can't find what you are looking for? Talk to our friendly customer service representatives who can direct you to products or make suggestions. Shopping with us is all about convenience and great prices, so we make ordering as easy as possible with our white glove-free delivery. Your satisfaction matters to us, whether you’re ordering food service apparel or other food service supplies that keep your operation running efficiently.