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Put Comfort First and Shop Reliable & Comfortable Office Chairs

Offices in companies that belong to various industries need one staple, especially important piece of office equipment - office chairs are essential for your employees' comfort and productivity. The perfect lumbar support and ergonomic features can make a world of difference to you and the people who work in your office.

It's difficult narrowing down your choice when selecting an office chair brand, but not at Buy Direct. We stock the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs so that anyone who uses them will feel supported all day.

Don't miss our range of swivel office chairs and desk chair selection! Browse this category, keep an eye out for discounts and place an order with us today.

3 Benefits of Office Chairs and Ergonomic Desk Chair Products from Buy Direct

Ergonomic features are always ideal in an office chair, as are many other important characteristics. When shopping our online store for office chairs, you will find that ergonomic features are just one highlight of our product offering! As a go-to supplier of office equipment and chairs, we offer the advantages below with our quality range.

Lumbar Support Features

With lumbar support features the best ergonomic chair range provides the ultimate comfort. We recommend this type of feature for your office space since your employees experience less pressure on their lumbar region when remaining in seated positions.

These features are also ideal for alleviating back pain - they will improve your employees' posture and reinforce comfort throughout the working day.

Low-Cost Comfortable Chairs

We recommend comfortable chairs for offices and options that will not cost a fortune. At Buy Direct, we give you a combination of comfort and affordability. This means that when you buy a computer chair or a selection of swivel chairs through us, you will always find the most supportive and comfortable products that are affordable and won't break the bank.

A Large Selection of Office Chairs

When you shop for office chairs for your employees through Buy Direct, you will discover a large selection of high-quality brands and types. Your choice is anything but limited. Whether you need a chair with adjustable features or premium materials, the right structure for the human body or a specific seat height, we stock the best chair range that works for your well being and work style.

Browse and Choose Comfortable Chairs for Your Office from Buy Direct

Comfortable chairs for your office can be ideal for posture support and even make a difference to your employees' health and morale. Have you found it difficult to find the correct option? We have a full range that can help. Make sure you check the features of our most popular chairs for an office setting in this category and find the most in-demand models just below.

1. Alera Neratoli High-Back Slim Profile Chair - Faux Leather

For the cushioning needed to keep employees comfortable, the Alera Neratoli High-Back Slim Profile Chair is ideal. This office chair features a waterfall seat design that keeps pressure off the inner part of the knee and its cushioning and padded arm caps offer the ultimate level of comfort.

When your employees need to move around, the five-star base features casters, which support easy mobility on smoother surfaces. It comes in a stylish black color and its structure can easily support a maximum weight of 275 lbs.

2. Alera Egino Big and Tall Chair

We stock the Alera Egino Big and Tall Chair with a range of comfortable and practical features. This chair can support up to 400 lbs and features a high back suitable for added comfort.

Its material is smooth and made of leather, with cushioning, and you will easily be able to clean the bonded leather upholstery. Offering a lumbar support structure and fixed comfortable arms, the option to recline the chair back with a center tilt mechanism and a swivel mechanism, this chair will help you and your employees remain comfortable from the start to the end of the day.

3. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Stool

With the Alera Elusion Series Mesh Stool, you can receive versatile support and the right fit for multiple employees or users. It is an ergonomic chair with a mesh back design and a contoured seat cushion. Combined with the waterfall seat edge, the many features of this stool keep pressure off your employees' joints and knees.

The Alera Elusion Series Mesh Stool also comes with a foot ring, which employees can rest their feet on. You can adjust the stool and the soft-padded arms, which reflects the versatility of this option for your office.

4. Alera Etros Series Suspension Mesh Mid-Back Synchro Tilt Chair

We stock the Alera Etros Series Suspension Mesh Mid-Back Synchro Tilt Chair, which can support a maximum of 275 lbs and comes with several handy features. With a mesh back and mesh suspension seat, the chair ensures that employees will benefit from breathability and support. It offers an adjustable lumbar support and the back can recline even while the seat remains aligned with the floor.

The Alera Etros Series Suspension Mesh Mid-Back Synchro Tilt Chair has height adjustable arms and a five-star base structure, and these features make comfort and and easy movement simple for anyone who uses it.

5. Alera PU Padded Folding Chair

With the Alera PU Padded Folding Chair, you can have the extra seats needed for an indoor space such as a conference room. These chairs are cushioned and feature a faux leather seat and back, which makes them very easy to clean. They are also durable, with a base made of metal, so this solution can cope with heavy use.

With the Alera PU Padded Folding Chair, you will not need to worry about scuffing the floor - the chair comes with covered feet. It is an armless chair that is easy to carry around, doesn't require you to assemble it, and will be able to support 250 lbs.

Order Durable & Reliable Office Chairs and Desk Chairs from Buy Direct

Ensuring your employees have the right chairs with lumbar support and ergonomic designs, easy mobility and swivel features, you just need to find the right model, and this doesn't have to be difficult! To put comfort first, you can find the most durable and reliable office chairs and desk chairs at Buy Direct.

Have a look at our full range in this category and place your order with us today without paying a delivery fee.


Have questions on your mind related to office chairs? Consider the answers to the frequently asked questions just below.

What Is Lumbar Support?

This is the lower back support you can get with an ergonomic chair. It's a feature that supports the lumbar spine's inward bend. If your chair doesn't support this body structure, you or your employees may slouch more frequently which can make the lower spine's structures strain.

How Do Chairs Affect Posture?

In many ways - and it can depend on the height of the chair. A very low chair could make your employees lean forward, and a very high chair can weaken the abdominal muscles and cause the back to feel tense or tight. Buy Direct supplies adjustable chairs, so that your employees will feel comfortable with the right settings when they use the chair.

What Are the Benefits of Tilting Office Chairs?

The posture improvement is the main one. As you tilt the chair it helps with the optimum spinal alignment when seated. It works toward helping employees maintain an upright posture and can really minimize any strain on the back or resulting back pain.

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