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Premium-Quality Maintenance Supplies for Professional Cleaning

Maintaining a property is straightforward, but only when you have the right tools. Without the correct equipment, you may not be able to properly safeguard your building from bacteria, pests, and lawsuits.

At BuyDirect, you'll find an array of top-tier maintenance and janitorial supplies, ranging from injury prevention tools like floor signs and doorstops to specialized pest-removal items like insect sprays. Discover a variety of essential maintenance products in our catalog.

What are Maintenance Supplies?

You should buy maintenance supplies if you're looking for accessories to help you clean. Sprays, signs, and other useful equipment can speed up your cleaning process, make your work safer, and ensure you remove more bacteria than if you were just using water and soap.

Maintenance supplies improve your work efficiency by helping you achieve a deeper clean on the first occasion. For example, insect sprays will get rid of ants, wasps, and other bugs while making sure they don't come back. Meanwhile, you can use helpful floor and wall signs to request that no one steps in the area while your cleaning is in progress.

If you're a professional cleaner or you're looking to buy professional-grade janitorial supplies, our maintenance products and tools can help you complete cleaning jobs with added efficiency and safety. Shop a range of supplies today at BuyDirect.

3 Types of Maintenance Supplies

The term "maintenance supplies" can refer to a wide range of kit. There are many different utilities and tools you can use to clean, repair, and manage your facilities, from practical signs to cleaning sprays. It's important to buy the correct equipment to keep your premises as clean and safe as you can. With that in mind, let's explore three different types of maintenance supplies that are valuable tools for any cleaner, janitor, or site manager.

Insect Sprays

For those pesky bugs that just won't quit, you need powerful yet safe insect spray. This can help you eradicate pests like ants, wasps, and roaches, preventing them from spreading dirt and bacteria inside your premises. A few sprays of an aerosol, such as the Raid Ant and Roach Killer, will send them scattering and deter them from ever returning.

These aerosol sprays should be used with the right safety gear. Wearing a face mask is recommended, and the room should be ventilated to avoid the fumes from lingering too long. These sprays are safe to use in moderation, but remember to exercise caution and follow the safety instructions listed on the can.

Floor Signs

Every janitor or site manager should have an army of floor signs at the ready. They are a legal requirement when mopping floors, as they warn others of injury risks and prevent lawsuits should people slip and hurt themselves. They are nicely portable and fold away, ready to be placed neatly on a janitor's cart or inside a bag.

Floor signs are particularly ideal during construction projects and renovations. They are easy to set up and important markers for warning the general public about the potential hazards of wet floors or building work. They also cater to multiple languages, such as the Impact Bilingual Yellow Wet Floor Sign, which displays warnings in English and Spanish.


It's easy to forget that even the most everyday objects can pose injury risks. Doors, particularly heavy-closing fire doors, can sometimes be dangerous to the general public or at least difficult to open and close regularly if people are moving in and out.

Doorstops can keep doors open while you work, helping you transport items between rooms much more easily. They also allow people to enter and leave rooms with minimal fuss, reducing wear-and-tear on the door's hinges and allowing for easier movement.

Recommended Maintenance Products

Don't know where to start when it comes to buying maintenance supplies? Check out these top sellers exclusively on BuyDirect:

Impact Banana Wet Floor Cones: These fun floor signs are shaped like bananas, offering a playful take on the classic slippery floor sign. This design isn't just for fun, though; it also makes people take better notice of the message it's trying to convey, reducing injuries and improving safety.

Raid Foaming Crack and Crevice Bed Bug Killer: Ideal for hotels and B&Bs, this foaming spray kills bed bugs and other insects quickly. It also ensures they don't return, removing any eggs that may also be present.

Master Caster Giant Foot Doorstop: This doorstop is unusual in that it measures around half a foot long and is intended for holding extra-large, heavy-duty doors with clearances of up to 2" from the ground.

Shop High-Quality Maintenance Supplies at BuyDirect

At BuyDirect, we stock a wide range of items that can help you enhance your cleaning services and keep your building or facility safe. From wet floor signs to wasp-killer aerosol sprays, you are bound to find useful cleaning and maintenance supplies in our catalog.

What's more, new BuyDirect customers can get 20% off their first order, and we offer free shipping on all our maintenance and janitorial supplies for everyone with a BuyDirect account! Fill your virtual bags and save money when you buy maintenance products at BuyDirect.


Why Buy Maintenance Supplies?

If you want to look after your property and ensure that every visitor remains safe, you need to invest in high-quality maintenance supplies. With the right tools, you'll be able to ensure your building is functional and doesn't fall into disrepair while keeping everyone on the site safe.

What are the Benefits of Maintenance Supplies?

Maintenance products can boost the safety and well-being of everyone on the property. For instance, floor signs can reduce injury risks by warning about trip hazards and slippery floors, while bug sprays eradicate pests to improve the general health of visitors to the premises.

Do I Need a Floor Sign When Cleaning?

You are required to display a floor sign at all times when mopping and cleaning floors. This is to warn others about the potential slip hazards and injury risks that wet floors can pose. If you're not wetting or cleaning the floor, you don't necessarily need to put out a sign, but it's a good idea to do so to avoid any risk of lawsuits.

giant-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-3-5w-x-6-75d-x-2h-brown ant-and-roach-killer-17-5oz-aerosol-outdoor-fresh-12-carton source-kill-max-ant-killing-bait-0-21-oz-each-6-pack-12-packs-carton caution-wet-floor-floor-sign-plastic-11-x-12-x-25-bright-yellow bilingual-yellow-wet-floor-sign-12-05-x-1-55-x-24-3-yellow ant-and-roach-killer-17-5oz-aerosol-outdoor-fresh three-sided-caution-wet-floor-safety-cone-21w-x-21d-x-30h-yellow pop-up-safety-cone-3-x-2-1-2-x-30-yellow banana-wet-floor-cones-11-x-11-15-x-23-25-yellow-brown-black foaming-crack-and-crevice-bed-bug-killer-17-5-oz-aerosol-6-carton caution-safety-sign-for-wet-floors-2-sided-plastic-10-x-2-x-26-yellow big-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-2-25w-x-4-75d-x-1-25h-gray-12-pack multilingual-caution-pop-up-safety-cone-3-sided-fabric-21-x-21-x-20-yellow big-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-2-25w-x-4-75d-x-1-25h-gray big-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-2-25w-x-4-75d-x-1-25h-beige-2-pack giant-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-3-5w-x-6-75d-x-2h-safety-yellow four-sided-caution-wet-floor-safety-cone-10-1-2w-x-10-1-2d-x-25-5-8h-yellow big-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-2-25w-x-4-75d-x-1-25h-brown-12-pack giant-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-3-5w-x-6-75d-x-2h-brown-2-pack bed-bug-spray-14-oz-aerosol-for-bed-bugs-dust-mites-lice-moths-12-carton heater-fan-8-1-4-x-4-3-8-x-9-3-8-black big-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-2-25w-x-4-75d-x-1-25h-beige banana-wet-floor-cones-14-25-x-14-25-x-36-75-yellow-brown-black ceramic-heater-tower-with-remote-control-7-17-x-7-17-x-22-95-black wasp-hornet-killer-14oz-aerosol25438 big-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-2-25w-x-4-75d-x-1-25h-brown big-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-2-25w-x-4-75d-x-1-25h-brown-2-pack bed-bug-detector-and-trap-17-5-oz-aerosol-6-carton multilingual-caution-floor-sign-plastic-11-x-12-x-25-bright-yellow giant-foot-magnetic-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-3-5w-x-6-75d-x-2h-yellow giant-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-3-5w-x-6-75d-x-2h-safety-orange 360-deg-circular-fan-forced-heater-8-x-8-x-12-black big-foot-doorstop-no-slip-rubber-wedge-2-25w-x-4-75d-x-1-25h-gray-2-pack caution-wet-floor-floor-sign-4-sided-plastic-12-x-16-x-38-yellow the-end-dry-fog-flying-insect-killer-14oz-can-12-carton four-sided-caution-wet-floor-yellow-safety-cone-12-1-4-x-12-1-4-x-36h flying-insect-killer-15-oz-aerosol-12-carton source-kill-max-roach-killing-gel-2-1-oz-syringe mini-tower-ceramic-heater-7-3-8-w-x-7-3-8-d-x-17-3-8-h-black wasp-hornet-killer-14oz-aerosol combat-ant-killing-system-child-resistant-kills-queen-colony-6-box ceramic-heater-7-1-8-w-x-5-7-8-d-x-8-3-4-h-black dual-action-insect-killer-for-flying-crawling-insects-17oz-aerosol-12-carton giant-foot-doorstop-tpr-3-5w-x-6-75d-x-2h-brown-12-pack source-kill-max-ant-killing-gel-27g-tube purge-iii-metered-flying-insect-killer-6-4-oz-aerosol-fresh-scent-12-carton source-kill-max-roach-killing-gel-1-6oz-syringe-12-carton source-kill-large-roach-killing-system-child-resistant-disc-8-box ant-gel-1-06-oz-tube-8-carton