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Find Your Ideal Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Today

Whether you're seeking a cost-effective sanitizing solution for hotel guests, are hoping to improve office hygiene standards, or simply need to restock the shelves of your retail store, you'll find a variety of hand sanitizer dispenser products suited to your needs at BuyDirect.

Discover dispensers, gels, wipes, and detergents from leading brands, including Dial Professional, Cottonelle, Boardwalk, and Seventh Generation, at prices that you can afford. Shop our best-selling hand sanitizers today and receive up to 20% off your first order, plus free delivery straight to your door!

Hand Sanitizers and Dispensers

From schools and offices to construction sites and restaurants, harmful germs can, unfortunately, be found everywhere. Thankfully, here at BuyDirect we've got solutions to stop these germs from spreading across your business and causing illness for both valued employees and clients.

Find all of the hygiene and cleaning products you need to stock up your janitorial and sanitation station today:


What's great about having a hand sanitizer dispenser installed in your reception, office, breakroom, gate entrance, restroom, corridor, or cafeteria is that it ensures staff and guests always have a convenient way of disinfecting their hands.

For instance, the Boraxo 2L Dispenser for Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is wall mountable and has a push button operation that dispenses exactly the right amount of soap for your hands and body. This heavy-duty dispenser is made from a sturdy plastic, which provides long-lasting durability, while the view window makes it easy to know when the hand sanitizer cartridge needs replacing.

Mount your hand sanitizer dispenser on vertical surfaces using the Purell Rail Mount, which ensures the system easily snaps into place. Additionally, this 8-pack kit comes with 3M Command strips for extra secure mounting.

Hand Sanitizers

Stock up your store cupboard with bulk hand sanitizers from Dial Professional.

All of the formulas we offer are free of toxic chemicals and instead contain active ingredients that are designed to both protect and soothe the skin, such as moisturizers and vitamin E. They're also made with ethyl alcohol, a disinfectant that effectively kills germs without damaging the skin.

The Dial Professional Antibacterial with Moisturizers Gel Hand Sanitizer kills 99.999% of pathogenic bacteria in as little as 15 seconds. This hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested formula is fragrance and dye-free, making it a gentle alternative to soap and water.

Another great offering from Dial Professional is their Antibacterial Foaming Hand Sanitizer Refill. The gel formula delivers superior coverage compared to other hand sanitizers, so is more effective in killing harmful bacteria on the skin.

This product is also less likely to slide off the hands, making it beneficial for use in facilities with waxed floors, as sanitizer can leave marks that may be difficult to clean.

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Disinfectant wipes make a convenient on-the-go alternative to hand sanitizers, especially in locations where there may not be enough room for dispensers.

We'd recommend the Sani Professional Wet-Nap Towelettes to all food service businesses, from restaurants and cafes to food trucks and catering facilities. Featuring convenient, single-use packaging, these pre-moistened wipes are ideal especially when wings or barbecue sauce are on the menu!

For schools, nurseries, restaurants, and other businesses where children may be guests, the Sani Professional Nice 'n Clean Baby Wipes are a great choice. The aloe-infused, alcohol-free formula ensures gentle, no-irritation use, while the thick and strong, yet soft wipes help to keep small hands clean and moisturized.

Adults will love the Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleaning Cloths for a superior clean that's fresh, gentle, and effective. 100% flushable and effective in removing odor-causing bacteria, these sanitary wipes and sewer and septic-safe, and offer a large, dual layer to clean better than dry toilet paper alone.

Cleaning and Detergent Wipes

As well as disinfecting the skin, keeping hard surfaces clean and bacteria-free should be another important hygiene consideration for businesses in all industries, whether you work in an office or on a construction site.

The Boardwalk Disinfecting Wipes kill 99.9% of E.coli, salmonella, staph, strep, influenza, and Covid-19, all in one easy swipe. As a ready-to-use wipe with an easy dispensing canister, they are a great option for stocking up supply cupboards in clinics, daycare centers, schools, nursing homes, and restaurants.


Got some questions you need answering before purchasing a hand sanitizer dispenser? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions on hand sanitizers and accessories below:

What Does a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Do?

A hand sanitizer dispenser is a device that dispenses the correct amount of sanitizing gel or foam for immediate use. It helps to control the spread of infectious diseases such as influenza, and should be properly mounted on a wall or positioned on a table that's easily accessible to employees, customers, and guests.

Can You Put Hand Sanitizer in a Regular Soap Dispenser?

Hand sanitizers only work in soap dispensers if the product is compatible with that particular dispenser. However, most dispensers are only compatible with soap or sanitizing products made by the same manufacturers, which is why we'd always recommend investing in a quality hand sanitizer dispenser.

Where Should a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Be Placed?

One of the best locations for a hand sanitizer dispenser is near the restroom, ideally on the outside wall or near an exit. Those in a rush will be more inclined to quickly use the hand sanitizer than soap and water, meaning they'll return to the workplace with clean hands. High-traffic corridors and food service areas are other ideal locations.

What Are the Storage Requirements for Hand Sanitizer?

According to NFPA regulations, no more than 263 gallons of class 1 flammable liquids like ethyl alcohol can be stored in one location. Hand sanitizer should also not be stored in basements or internal rooms that exceed 500 square feet, and must not obstruct or impede traffic.

Are There Any Benefits of Installing An Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers deliver the correct dose of gel or foam to the skin. They also eliminate a common contact point, which lowers the risk of germs being transferred from person to person. Additionally, automatic dispensers are easy to use, especially for small children or people who may have difficulties reaching over countertops.

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