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Serving Bowls & Serving Plates

Whether you run a food truck, own an event catering company, or offer take out at your restaurant, our disposable serving dishware is the perfect solution to meeting the many serving needs of different businesses.

Discover a vast assortment of disposable serving bowls and plates today at Buy Direct.

Types of Serving Bowls and Serving Plates

We have a range of materials to choose from at Buy Direct, each boasting its unique qualities! Discover the right material for your food-service business below:


Paper bowls and plates, such as the Boardwalk Deerfield Printed Paper Bowl, are a classic choice for food trucks, take out, cafeterias, and catering events. Because this material is lightweight and relatively flexible, it's perfect for serving light to medium-weight foods, including sandwiches, salads, and pastries.


This material is free from harmful chemicals, known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), often found in traditional disposable dishware. This makes them great for health-conscious catering businesses.

PFAS-free bowls and plates, like the Boardwalk Bagasse PFAS-Free Dinnerware Plate, are compostable and biodegradable, ensuring they align with your business's environmentally friendly practices.

Hi-Impact Plastic

Hi-impact plastic, as seen in the Boardwalk Hi-Impact Plastic Dinnerware Bowl, is among the most durable and sturdy options available at Buy Direct.

This material is commonly used in takeout restaurants and cafeterias, where food is transported for longer distances. You can confidently serve heavier and saucier dishes, such as stews and soups, without worrying about a dish becoming soggy and leaking.

Molded Fiber

Molded fiber plates and bowls, like the Huhtamaki Inc PaperPro® Naturals Platter Molded Fiber, are made from an innovative blend of recycled materials, such as paper pulp and sugarcane fiber (bagasse).

They are ideal for eco-conscious businesses, such as organic cafes, farm-to-table restaurants, and sustainable catering companies that prioritize a minimal environmental impact. Despite being crafted from natural materials, molded fiber is remarkably sturdy, making it a great choice for hot and cold foods!

Non-Laminated Foam

Non-laminated foam bowls and plates, such as the Dart Container White Non-Laminated Round Foam Plate, are exceptionally lightweight and insulating, making them perfect for food establishments and caterers serving food outdoors.

Because this material is lightweight, it ensures a comfortable dining experience for customers while offering ease of handling for staff when preparing and serving food.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Serving Dish

Whether setting the table at a catered event, managing your take out business, or serving meals from your mobile food truck, it's important to ensure you choose the right dish to serve your customers. To guide your search, check out our top tips for choosing the right serving plates and bowls:

  • Reflect on Style: Choose a design that resonates with your brand and overall business aesthetic.
  • Opt for Practical Materials: Different materials offer different uses and benefits. For instance, non-laminated foam is highly insulating and ideal for outdoor dining, whereas hi-impact plastic is extra-strong and perfect for heavy, saucy dishes. Choose the material that best suits your business's specific needs and demands.
  • Be Conscious of Size: Choose plates and bowls that are proportional to the portion sizes you offer.
  • Look for Special Features: Seek out special features, such as plates with segregated compartments for different foods and sauces (as seen in the AmerCareRoyal Bagasse PFAS-Free Dinnerware 3-Compartment Plate). This will ensure your business's needs and customer needs are met.

5 Key Benefits of Using Disposable Serving Dishware

There are many advantages to using a disposable serving dish, be it a plate, bowl, or serving tray.

#1 Convenience

If you provide a take out service, disposable dishware offers convenience for your business and customers.

They allow employees to seamlessly prepare and serve food without worrying about washing up while also offering customers the ease of enjoying their meals on the go without the hassle of returning the dishes they used.

#2 Hygiene Assurance

They eliminate hygiene concerns about germs and cross-contamination as they are intended for single use. This reduces the risk of food-borne illness and helps your business adhere to food safety standards.

#4 Cost-Effectiveness

Our disposable bowls and plates are affordably priced and much cheaper than ceramic serving dishware, making them cost-effective solutions for small businesses and large-scale events.

Disposable bowls and plates also eliminate the expenses of dishwashing, including labor, detergent, and equipment, making your business's operational costs much cheaper and thus boosting profitability!

#5 Improved Safety

Unlike ceramic plates and bowls, which are susceptible to breakage, our range of disposable serving bowls and plates offers better safety for staff and customers.

Because our range is crafted from sturdy and soft disposable materials, such as foam and paper, you needn't worry about anyone getting injured if they drop them.

Shop Our Quality Serving Bowls and Plates Today!

With an array of unique styles, quality materials, and top-rated brands to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the right serving bowls and plates for your food service business! Shop our entire collection today. 


Got a question? Find relevant answers below:

What Do You Serve in a Serving Bowl?

You can place a huge range of meals into serving bowls, including popcorn, salads, desserts, pasta, and soups!

There are many different materials to choose from at Buy Direct, each suited to different types of dishes and settings. For example, if you're serving heavy and saucy meals, like stews, high-impact plastic bowls are your best bet. Or perhaps, if you're dishing up lightweight meals and snacks, be it pastries, sandwiches, or salads, paper bowls and plates will definitely suffice.

If you're serving large quantities of food, such as platters, pair our serving bowls and plates with serving trays for hassle-free transportation.

What Are Standard Bowl Sizes?

On average, a standard bowl holds 8 to 12 ounces. These bowls are typically used to serve single-portion meals. Larger bowls, often called 'pasta bowls' or 'serving bowls', can hold between 16 to 32 ounces (or more), making them perfect for larger, shared portions.

Find the perfect sized serving bowls for your food service at Buy Direct today!

What Are Little Serving Bowls Called?

There are a few names for small serving bowls, including souffl├ę dishes, ramekins, sauce bowls, dipping bowls, and condiment bowls. These bowls are often used to serve small portions of dips, sauces, condiments, and sometimes side dishes that accompany a main course.

Discover a variety of different sized serving bowls, suited to all kinds of foods and settings, at Buy Direct today!

Are Plastic Bowls and Plates Dishwasher Safe?

Whether a plastic bowl is dishwasher safe or not depends on the type of plastic it's made of. Reusable plastic bowls made of food-grade plastic are usually dishwasher safe, whereas disposable plastic dishware is intended for single use and, therefore, not designed for dishwashers. 

Explore a range of quality plastic plates at Buy Direct today!

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