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Buy Commercial Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes make the ideal takeout receptacle for your business. Italian restaurants should never be without a bundle of pizza boxes in the back, but these practical boxes are also ideal for bakeries, catering companies, and party planners!

In other words, pizza boxes aren't just limited to pizza! From wedding gifts to artisanal cakes, they can hold any kind of food item or small trinket. If you're looking for top-quality pizza boxes to satisfy your hungry customers, we sell a wide range right here at BuyDirect. Browse our affordable range today!

Types of Pizza Boxes

The first thing to note when buying pizza boxes is that different types are available. Different colors, sizes, and materials affect the boxes' aesthetic and durability, so you must pick one that best suits your company's needs. Here are three main types of pizza boxes you can choose from and what each one is best for:

White Pizza Box: The elegant and modern white pizza box is an ideal choice for many companies, including bakeries, restaurants, and catering companies. It's perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your takeout treats, and you can even add your own designs and brand printing over the top.

Corrugated Pizza Boxes: Corrugated pizza boxes are practical and authentic. They fold together easily and stay rigid to keep whatever's inside safe and free from damage. The corrugated cardboard pack enhances the stability and robustness of the box, helping your food stay protected.

Kraft Pizza Boxes: Kraft is the name given to the rustic brown color of classic pizza boxes. Although other colors are available, kraft continues to be a popular choice thanks to its authenticity and unbeatable timelessness. Businesses of all shapes and sizes use kraft pizza boxes to provide quality takeout food.

As you can see, it's not merely about picking the first pizza box that you see. Price, color, and material should all factor into your decision when selecting the right box bundle for your business. Let's now focus on the best way to choose a pizza box and how to select the one that's right for you.

How to Choose a Pizza Box

Since there are different types of pizza boxes, you will have to decide which is the best one for your business. You can review each one individually by clicking on the product to view its specifications.

Picking the right pizza box will satisfy your customers, improve your brand consistency, and enhance the cost-effectiveness of your business operations. Here are two key things to consider when selecting a pizza box bundle for your company:

Consider Your Budget

Pick a pizza box with a price that reflects your budget. Prices can vary between boxes as size, length, brand, material, and delivery all factor into the overall cost. Take into account your business's requirements and choose a pizza box that can meet these needs without going over budget. We can ship and deliver your chosen pizza boxes straight to your door, helping you stay within budget easily.

Decide on its Intended Use

Despite their name, pizza boxes aren't just limited to pizzas. In fact, white and corrugated pizza boxes are popular restaurant supplies for all kinds of food. They can safely hold cakes, donuts, pastries, chocolates, small gifts, confectionaries - basically whatever kind of food you want!

Choosing the right pizza box for your needs will depend on what you want to carry. Pick a box with the right dimensions and shapes to fit your chosen delight. Width and depth will play vital roles here, while you may also want to consider picking a color that aligns with your business (for instance, we recommend selecting white for bakeries and catering companies).

Key Benefits of Using Pizza Boxes

There are numerous benefits to buying pizza boxes for your business. If you're a restaurant offering takeouts or deliveries, pizza boxes are essential for smooth and seamless service. The best thing is that they're not just for Italian restaurants, as these boxes make great containers for a wide variety of food items.

Here are four core benefits of pizza boxes and why they're an absolute must-have for your business:

1) They Protect Items Inside:

First and foremost, pizza boxes give protection to whatever's inside. Food won't be squished or damaged as it's carried between places, and trinkets don't run the risk of breaking as they would inside a food service bag.

2) They Enhance Branding:

Pizza boxes are customizable, allowing you to utilize their canvas as a place for your branding, contact information, or special offers. You can draw directly onto them or attach paper designs or stickers with your company's branding to improve your brand consistency.

3) They Make Takeouts Easier:

What would you do if your customer asks to take their food away and you have no boxes? How would you deliver food efficiently without a protective container? Pizza boxes solve those problems and allow you to offer takeaway and delivery services.

4) Your Customers Will Be Happier:

Thanks to the sturdiness and accessibility of pizza boxes, customers are assured that their food remains protected and delicious when they go to eat it. This boosts their satisfaction with your service and makes them more likely to return.

Pizza boxes are often underestimated in the world of catering, but any successful food business will tell you just how important they are. From improving customer service to facilitating company branding, pizza boxes can do a lot for you and your business.


Have you not quite found the information you're looking for? Check out these frequently asked questions to find more details about pizza boxes.

Can Pizza Boxes be Used for Other Food Items?

Yes! In fact, pizza boxes make ideal containers for a whole range of foods and trinkets. You can use them to hold biscuits, cakes, pastries, wedding gifts, homemade trinkets, artisanal decorations, and just about anything you want! You can even get creative and design your pizza box to reflect your company's colors.

How Big is a Pizza Box?

The size of a pizza box varies, but generally they are around 2 inches in depth and 10-14 inches in size (the width and length are the same in most cases as the box is square-shaped). Make sure you choose dimensions that will fit your products without squashing them.

Who Invented Pizza Boxes?

Containers for pizzas have existed for well over a century, but it wasn't until 1963 that the first patent for a corrugated fiberboard pizza box was applied. Despite not filing for a patent, it's widely agreed that the famous Domino's Pizza invented the pizza box in the United States.


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