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Best Office Desk Accessories To Optimize Your Workspace

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K Garden

Creating an organized, well-equipped workspace is the key to productivity and comfort

Decking out your office desk with accessories that meet your needs, be it tidying stationary with desktop drawers, arranging documents in literature racks, or improving ergonomic comfort with monitor stand and laptop risers, is the most effective way to improve your desk space while promoting smooth and efficient workflow.

If you want to improve your workspace, but don't know where to start, dive into this article to unveil the best desk accessories and organizers!

7 Best Desk Accessories and Organizers

If you're looking to upgrade your workspace, check out our top 7 desk accessories and organizer picks:

#1 Rotary Desk Organizer by Universal

The Rotary Desk Organizer by Universal is a No. 1 best-seller that delivers a convenient and effective office organization solution. It features rotating compartments that allow you to access all your essentials seamlessly, including erasers, pins, paperclips, pens, pencils, and scissors.

#2 Desk Organizer by Safco

The segmented Desk Organizer by Safco is a compact desktop shelving unit that's perfect for storing a range of papers files.

 It features two horizontal sections designed to accommodate any letter-sized documents, and two vertical compartments that are superb file holders. There's even space in the bottom are to add a drawer, so you can customize this organizer as you please.

#3 SHERPA Style Desk-Mount Reference System by Durable

Durable's SHERPA Style Desk-Mount Reference System is a popular choice for professionals seeking an effective and convenient solution for document organization. It features an antimicrobial coating, which is super handy given that these accessories are regularly touched. 

Its panels open at the top, ensuring documents can be easily inserted while preventing them from falling out. The secure corner clip holders further ensure papers stay put.

Boasting a contemporary design, this reference system not only serves its functional purpose but also offers an aesthetic appeal that complements the overall look of your work environment.

#4 High Volume Flag Dispenser by Post-It Flags

The lightweight and portable High Volume Flag Dispenser by Post-It Flags is the perfect dispenser for on-the-go use. Each flag features a bold arrow that allows you to point precisely at key information documents. It even comes equipped with four times more flags than standard dispensers, offering exceptional value for money!

The base has a signature Desk Grip, allowing for one-handed dispensing while guaranteeing slip-proof use. If you're worried about leaving sticky residue on your desk surface or struggling to reposition the dispenser, don't worry! The Desk Grip doesn't use adhesive glue, so you can easily reposition the dispenser and remove it cleanly.

#5 SmartFit Monitor Stand Plus by Kensington

If you have a monitor on your desk, the innovative SmartFit Monitor Stand Plus by Kensington is a must-have! Featuring a signature SmartFit® System, you can easily adjust this monitor's height to your preferred level, ensuring a personalized and ergonomic viewing experience. In doing so, you can enjoy improved comfort and reduced neck and eye strain.

The base of the monitor platform is also extra wide, ensuring universal compatibility with any monitor up to 24" and 80 lb. By offering clearance beneath the platform, you can optimize desk space by storing extra bits underneath.

#6 Super Stacker Divided Storage Box by Advantus

The exceptionally sturdy Super Stacker Divided Storage Box by Advantus is made to declutter workspaces while saving space effectively. Its stackable design allows you to pile as many of these boxes as you like on top of each other without worrying about it toppling over.

It also boasts snap-tight lids to ensure all contents are kept safe and secure, and handles for easy portability. The trays inside this storage box feature four compartments, to help keep supplies neatly arranged, and can be removed, allowing for custom organization.

#7 Executive Desk Pad with Antimicrobial Protection by Artistic

The impressively durable and practical Executive Desk Pad with Antimicrobial Protection by Artistic will reliably protect your desk surface from scratches, stains, and spills. Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for smooth handwriting, while the sleek faux leather side panels provide the perfect slots for storing cards, notes, and memos.

The center surface is specially crafted to resist stains and liquids and can be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth. It also boasts an antimicrobial coating, ensuring your workspace stays hygienic.

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If you have any questions about office desk accessories, check out these ready-answered FAQs: 

What Does an Office Desk Need?

Generally, an office desk needs a telephone stand, desk organizer, monitor stand, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, desk pad, copyholder, and under-desk bin. Additional accessories that many find beneficial include laptop risers, copyholders, cable organizers, desk lamps, and paper trays.

If you need desk accessories, discover our cost-effective selection at Buy Direct. Whether you need sturdy literature racks to organize important papers, a segmented stationary sorter, or an ergonomic laptop stand, our collection has all the essentials you need to upgrade your workspace for an unbeatable price. Shop our collection today!

What Goes in Desktop Organizers?

Desktop organizers are handy accessories that securely hold a range of supplies, including stationary, tools (such as scissors and hole punches), sticky notes, notepads, rubber bands, paper clips, binder clips, business cards, USB flash drives, and so forth. You can even store your personal items, such as hand sanitizer or glasses, in a desktop organizer.

If you want to improve your workspace with a desktop organizer, explore our curated selection at Buy Direct. We stock a wide variety of organizers, each boasting unique and handy features, including note dispensers and document slots, so you'll have no trouble discovering a style that suits your needs. Shop high-quality desktop organizers for unbeatable prices today!

What Makes a Good Desk Organizer?

Good quality desk organizers should be crafted from a long-lasting, durable material , such as metal or high-quality plastic (like acrylic). They should also feature organized compartments , such as a drawer or dividers, to keep your desk accessories and stationary tidy and secure.

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