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Could a Tablet Stand Improve Workplace Productivity?

5 min read

K Garden

Tablet stands, also called tablet mounts, are super popular workplace accessories that offer many benefits, including improved ergonomic comfort, enhanced convenience, and increased productivity!

They feature a sturdy construction that reliably holds all types of tablets, including iPads and Android tablets. By using these handy tools, you can display content from your tablet without holding it, making them a great purchase for busy professionals!

Want to learn more about these handy accessories? Read our blog and discover how tablet stands can boost your organization's productivity and the many other benefits these tools offer.

Can Tablet Stands Improve Workplace Productivity?

Many businesses claim that tablet stands dramatically boost workplace productivity. Here's why...

Because tablet stands are hands-free, they let you display and view content on your screen while keeping your hands free for other tasks. This allows you to multitask seamlessly by viewing important information without pausing work. For example, you can reference key data or project notes while writing up a report on your computer.

Tablet stands are also brilliant for effective collaboration. They help you easily share information and content with multiple people without having to pass the tablet around or have people crowd around the screen. This streamlines teamwork, paving the way for better communication and equal contributions from each member.

Beyond enhanced productivity, tablet stands improve the ergonomic comfort of workplaces by eliminating the need for handheld displaying, which otherwise causes hand, wrist, and shoulder strain. Furthermore, tablet stands are lightweight and portable, so you can easily use them in different settings, including boardrooms and office desks.

Improve Productivity in Your Workspace with Buy Direct's Ergonomic Tablet Stands

We have a wide selection of ergonomic tablet stands designed to enhance comfort and productivity in every workspace!

The exceptionally versatile Free-Standing Clipboard and Tablet Stand by Saunders offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to use it as a clipboard for documents and as a tablet stand. It's crafted with sturdy recycled aluminum, so you can rest assured that this product aligns with your sustainability ethos while delivering longevity.

If you're a busy professional who's constantly on the move, choose the compact, foldable Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand by Kantek . This handy tablet stand is super lightweight and features a special mechanism that allows you to fold it and pop it into your briefcase/bag seamlessly. It also delivers exceptional visibility and convenience thanks to its adjustable, rotating feature, allowing you to find an optimal viewing angle.

The Saunders Tablet Stand is suitable for both mobile devices and tablets, making it ideal for professionals who often use both devices while working.

Our best-selling Swivel Base Stand for 7" to 10" Tablets by Kantek provides easy, hands-free access to tablets while also allowing you to rotate, angle, and swivel the screen effortlessly, ensuring you find the optimal viewing angle in landscape and portrait positions. Its weighted swivel base also offers amazing support and sturdiness, so you needn't worry about any accidents!

Whether you need a secure stand for your Android tablet, iPad mini, iPad Pro, kindle, or iPhone XR, we have many designs suited to every device! Shop our curated selection of tablet stands in our Office Desk Accessories collection today and enjoy huge savings on trusted brands, including Fellowes, Safco, 3M, Kensington, and tons more!


If you have any questions about tablet stands, explore these ready-answered FAQs:

What's the Use of a Tablet Stand?

A tablet stand holds tablets and sometimes smartphones. They are designed to offer optimal hands-free visibility of tablet screens, allowing professionals to view important information with minimal effort.

If you're a professional business looking for sturdy and affordable tablet stands, explore our curated range at Buy Direct . We have a variety of premium stands designed for various needs, including foldable and lightweight portable stands, dual clipboard-tablet stands, ergonomic swivel stands, and loads more! 

Shop a range of leading brands , including Katek, Safco, and Saunders, for unbeatable wholesale prices today!

What Is an iPad Stand Made Of?

iPad stands are usually made from different materials, ensuring they deliver durability, stability, protection, and functionality. Aluminum is a common material found in tablet stands. It's super lightweight, making it ideal for portable designs while also being exceptionally long-lasting.

Certain plastics , including acrylic and ABS, are also popular materials. Like aluminum, this material is impressively strong and lightweight.

Silicone and rubber are used to create grips on the base and around the clips/holders to prevent slipping and ensure the tablet is held in place without causing any scratches. Steel is sometimes used to craft tablet stands because of its brilliant strength and longevity.

When shopping for a tablet stand, be sure to look out for these key materials to ensure you invest in a premium, long-lasting, and practical stand.

Shop a range of ergonomic, high-quality tablet stands at Buy Direct today and enjoy mega savings on leading brands , including Safco, Saunders, Katek, and loads more!

How Do You Get a Tablet Out of A Square Stand?

If you have a Square Stand, simply remove your iPad by pulling the latch (this should be next to the tablet's camera, but may vary depending on the model you have).

If you're looking for an easier, more seamless alternative to your Square Stand, explore our selection of ergonomic tablet stands compatible with iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPhone XR, and Android!

We have a variety of designs suited to different needs, including swivel base stands which are superb for small group presentations,2-in-1 clipboard and tablet holders that are perfect for professionals displaying documents and content on their screens, foldable stands designed for on-the-go use, and many more. 

Check out our top quality products and enjoy affordable bulk prices at Buy Direct today.

What's the Best Tablet Stand?

There are many useful tablet stands suited to different needs. 

If you're a busy professional who constantly moves around, opt for a compact foldable stand for easy portability. If you're seeking something that delivers customized visibility, go for an adjustable swivel base stand. Or perhaps, if you want something for your documents and your tablet, go for a 2-in-1 clipboard and tablet holder.

Discover the perfect stand for your professional needs at Buy Direct today. We have tons of premium designs from leading brands, including Safco, Katek, and Saunders, for super-low wholesale prices . Shop online today!