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How To Remove Water Stains from Glass Items

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K Garden

Stained bar, cafe, or restaurant glassware can be off-putting for customers and poorly reflects an establishment's hygiene standards and overall presentation. Thankfully, there are many approaches that effectively lift stubborn marks and leave glassware sparkling clean! 

If you're seeking the best way to remove water marks from glassware, check out our top suggestions:

Apply A Vinegar Solution

Best For: Removing Stubborn Stains

Vinegar is highly acidic, making it the perfect natural solution for dissolving stains caused by built-up mineral deposits, such as calcium and magnesium. 

Combining an equal ratio of vinegar and water allows you to create a balanced stain removal solution that effectively breaks down hard water marks without damaging glass surfaces.

There are two key ways to apply a vinegar solution:

The Vinegar Soak Method:

If glassware has exceptionally tough stains, soak items in a vinegar solution for a few hours. Once soaked, gently scrub glasses with a non-scratch sponge, like the top-rated Scotch Brite Non-Scratch Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponge , and thoroughly rinse clean to remove any residue.

The Vinegar Spray Solution:

Fill an empty and clean spray bottle, such as the reusable Professional Spray Bottle with Trigger Sprayer by Zep Commercial , with a balanced vinegar solution and spray directly onto glasses, ensuring all stained areas are properly covered. Let the solution sit for a few minutes before gently scrubbing with a scratch-free sponge or wiping with a microfiber cloth, depending on how stubborn the marks are. Once completely clean and stain-free, wash thoroughly.

Use Specialized Ware Washing Solutions

Best For: High Volume Glassware Cleaning

You can use special ware-washing products that are formulated to clean glassware. There are three main types of solutions that serve different purposes:

Glassware Cleaner:

This is formulated to remove dirt, residues, and stains from glasses during the wash cycle. They often contain enzymes or acidic solutions that break down grease, food particles, and hard water stains, leaving glassware refreshed and pristine. The Beer Clean Glass Cleaner by Diversey is a brilliant example of a glassware cleaner that is designed to tackle specific stains.

Glassware Sanitizer:

These products are designed to kill bacteria and viruses that linger on glasses, ensuring glasses not only look clean but are also hygienic and safe for further use. Glassware sanitizers, such as the Beer Clean Last Rinse Glass Sanitizer by Diversey , are an absolute must-have for food service businesses that adhere to strict hygiene standards.

Rinse Agent:

These agents are added during the rinse cycle to prevent water from leaving marks or streaks on glass surfaces. They work by creating a coating on glassware that encourages water to drain off glass items smoothly, ensuring proper cleaning and streak-free shine. The Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Agent is a best-selling rinse agent that guarantees a spotless finish with every dishwasher cycle.

Create a Baking Soda Paste

Best For: Targeted Stain Removal

Baking soda, such as the pure Baking Soda by Arm and Hammer , provides a gentle abrasive texture that's great at removing hard water stains from glassware without scratching glass surfaces. Baking soda also has an alkaline nature, which is perfect for neutralizing the acidic properties of water stains and quickly removing them.

You can easily create a baking soda paste by adding a few drops of water to a tablespoon of baking soda powder. 

Once you've made the paste, dot it onto stains and let it sit for a moment. This will give the alkaline in the baking soda time to neutralize and break up water stains. Then gently scrub the stained areas in circular motions with a soft, non-scratch sponge or microfiber cloth before thoroughly rinsing glasses.

Polishing Clothes

Erase Stains With a Glass Polishing Cloth

Best For: Removing Light Water Stains

Light water stains can be easily removed with a gentle microfiber polishing cloth, such as the Reusable Microfiber Cloths by Wypall

For best results, always use a clean, lint-free, dry polishing cloth. When polishing glasses, use circular motions to lift stains. Focus on areas with more stubborn stains, but be sure to avoid applying too much pressure, as this can break glassware.

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Polishing Clothes


Explore these ready-answered FAQs about removing water stains from drinking glasses:

Are Hard Water Stains on Glass Permanent?

Leaving water stains on glass cups, dishes, and bottles for too long can lead to permanent marks, so it's important to clean glassware shortly after noticing any staining.

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What Removes Hard Water Stains From Glasses?

There are a few effective methods that remove hard water stains from glasses.

You can create a simple vinegar-water mixture and either soak heavy stained glassware in the solution or spray glasses and wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth , such as the Wypall Reusable Microfiber Cloths . The acidic properties of the vinegar effectively break down calcified water and remove stubborn marks without the need for any harsh chemicals.

You can also use glassware ware-washing cleaners , such as the Diversey Beer Clean Glass Cleaner Powder , which are formulated especially for glasses, ensuring stains are removed effectively.

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How Do You Remove Water Stains From Glass Containers?

To remove water stains from glass containers, simply soak the glass containers in a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water anywhere between a few minutes to a several hours, depending on how stubborn the marks are.

Once soaked, gently scrub the glass containers with a scratch-free sponge, such as the Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponge , to ensure stains are effectively lifted without damaging the glass surface. Ensure you rinse the glass containers thoroughly and dry them with a microfiber cloth for a spotless finish.

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