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How to Master Office Comfort When Returning to the Office

October 14, 2021
5 min read

K Garden


Create a Comfortable Office with the Best Comfortable Office Chairs and Office Organization Supplies

If you — or your employees — haven’t been into the office for a while and have been working remotely from home, you (and they) might be thinking about office comfort. Naturally, homes with sofas, big-screen televisions, stocked fridges and more are usually much more comfortable than even the most relaxed office space.

That being said, when it’s time to head back to work in person, the office can be made as comfortable as possible while offering an orderly, stress-free desk layout using comfortable office chairs and office organization supplies that free up space.

Here’s some sound advice about how you and your office managers can master office comfort for a workforce returning to the office.

1. Select Comfortable, Ergonomic Office Furniture

An obvious choice when it comes to fostering office comfort is to select comfortable, ergonomic office furniture, along with footrests, back support for chairs, memory foam chair cushions and other related items that help create a quality workspace. Mousepads with wrist rests can also add an extra layer of physical well-being for employees on their computers all day long.

Sit-to-stand adjustable desks are a popular option for people who don't like to or can't sit for extended periods. And of course, a well-made, ergonomic office chair is vital for keeping staff as comfy as can be while they are sitting at their desks.

2. Utilize Office Organization Supplies to Free Up Desk Space

Desk accessories and workspace organizers offer managers and workers a great method for bringing more comfort to their working environment. By utilizing ergonomic office accessories, staff can create more room at their workstations, as well as easier/quicker access to the items they use the most. Trays for papers and pens, plus goods with dual uses, like stackable cube drawers save space and make for a tidier office area.

Adjustable desktop mounts, monitor stands , notebook stands , armrests and more will also help staff customize their work area to their specific physical needs, along with how they interact with their core office tools, like a computer.

3. Pay Attention to Office Lighting and Office Color Schemes

Lamps and good general lighting are important for your staff's eye health and overall comfort. If the lights are too bright and overpowering, or conversely too weak, workers may find it hard to concentrate on a task or they might feel fatigued.

Also, remember that colors inspire different moods in people.

Some studies have shown that blue increases productivity, yellow motivates creative cooperation, red grabs attention (good for areas where important safety information might be posted) and green makes people more relaxed. Depending on the type of business you run and the work environment you want to foster, you can choose different wall colors accordingly.

4. Encourage Employees to Personalize Their Office Space

Last but not least, you can encourage employees to personalize their office space to add to their overall office comfort. Family photos, small plants, flowers or a few decorative items from home can go a long way to boost office organization, morale and work outflow, as well as general office comfort levels overall.