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What Is a Drum Pump and What Does It Do?

4 min read

K Garden

Drum pumps are handy tools used in a range of industries, including food and beverage processing, chemical manufacturing, cosmetics production, pharmaceutical production, and more. 

So, why do so many industries rely on this unique equipment, and how do they use them?

In this article, we'll break down what drum pumps are, how they work, and show you where to find them. Dive in to discover everything you need to know about drum pumps!

What Is a Drum Pump?

A drum pump is a special device used to transfer liquids from one container (such as drums or barrels) to another. It usually features a tube connected to a pump mechanism, such as a manual, compressed-air, or electric motor pump. 

How Do Drum Pumps Work? 

When in action, a drum pump lifts substances and moves them through the tube, allowing for controlled and efficient transportation.

Drum pumps are particularly valuable in spaces where harmful, corrosive chemicals are handled, such as chemical production or pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. They eliminate the need for handheld transferring and minimize the risk of spills and leaks. 

6 Benefits of Using a Drum Pump

Check out these six benefits to discover just how useful these tools are:

Where To Shop Drum Pumps

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Have a question? Here are ready-answered FAQs about drum pumps: 

Do Industrial Pumps Really Work? 

Absolutely! Industrial pumps are brilliant tools that help you safely and efficiently transfer almost any substance from drums and barrels to another container.

If you operate a food production, chemical processing, or manufacturing establishment, industrial pumps will undoubtedly make daily operations much smoother and easier.  

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What Are the Different Types of Drum Pumps? 

There are many types of drum pumps suited to different needs and purposes. 

Compressed air pumps use suction to carry liquids between containers. They are a great match for spaces that have limited electricity. They are also perfect for establishments that need explosion-proof equipment, such as chemical processing plants. 

Electric pumps are powerful tools suited to establishments seeking fast, consistent, and accurate flow rates, such as food processing facilities where ingredients need to be dispensed precisely and efficiently. 

Hydraulic drum pumps are among the most popular types used for heavy-duty industrial applications, such as construction sites. They use pressure to transfer large volumes of liquids from drums to containers, making them suitable for high demands. 

ANSI pumps are the only pumps that meet the requirements of the American National Standards Institute, making them ideal for industries that must adhere to ANSI's rules and regulations, such as chemical manufacturing or water treatment plants. 

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