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Which Plumbing Tools Do Janitors Need?

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From keeping spaces clean and tidy to performing minor repairs, being a janitor comes with a range of tasks. Among the many jobs handled by janitors, basic plumbing is a key area that ensures facilities remain functional, safe, and hygienic. Tasks like clearing mild blockages, checking for signs of leaks, and handling basic fixtures are all part of the job.

In addition to the relevant knowledge, it's key to ensure you have the right tools and products for every plumbing-related task.

In this article, we showcase what plumbing tools a janitor needs and share where you can get them. Plunge into this helpful article to prepare yourself for whatever plumbing job comes your way!

10 Must-Have Plumbing Tools

Whether you're a janitor or a professional plumber, you need to ensure you have all the basics to get important jobs sorted, like unblocking toilets, repairing facets, and inspecting drains. Check out our best plumbing tools list to guide your search for the right equipment:

#1 Basin Wrench

Basin wrenches are specialized tools designed to tighten and loosen nuts on hard-to-reach areas under and around basins. They are usually used to install faucets and tighten water supply line connections.

#2 Plunger

Plungers are simple yet effective tools that use suction to dislodge stubborn blockages in drains. Different plunger designs are suited to varying tasks.

Cup plungers are compact, making them perfect for clogged sink drains. Flange plungers also work in sinks but are more commonly used to release toilet drains. Accordion plungers are heavy-duty, making them best for deeper and more stubborn clogs in toilets.

#3 Plumber's Tape

Plumber's tape is a durable, flexible, and waterproof tape that's great for sealing cracks and preventing leaks in plumbing components. For example, if a leak won't go away after tightening pipe joints, plumber's tape is the best solution that ensures a long lasting watertight seal!

#4 Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrench is a type of heavy-duty wrench that's specially designed for large metal pipes. They boast serrated jaws that firmly grip into place and effectively turn pipes. They are superb for installing and tightening new metal pipe fittings.

#5 Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrenches are a super versatile all-in-one tool that allow you to adapt the jaw to ensure it fits different nuts, bolts, and pipes. They are an absolute must-have for essential plumbing tasks like tightening and loosening pipe connections.

#6 Pipe Cutter

Pipe cutters are specially crafted for accurate pipe cutting. There are many types of pipe cutters suited to different materials, such as PVC pipes and copper pipes. Whether you're installing new components, cutting a pipe to size, or repairing broken areas, pipe cutters are the best solution.

#7 Plumber's Putty

Plumber's putty is a mailable sealant that creates watertight seals around drains, fixtures, joints, and faucets. Its super squishy texture enables you to create the perfect fit for any component, ensuring an ultra-tight and leak-proof seal.

#8 Drain Snake

Drain snakes are found in every plumber and janitor's tool kit. These unique tools have an extremely flexible shaft that bends and weaves into pipes and drains. Its special design clears blockages that are stuck deep inside plumbing systems.

#9 Internal PVC Pipe Cutter

Internal PVC pipe cutters are specially designed to slice through thick PVC pipes from the inside out. They are perfect for plumbing systems with tight spaces on the exterior.

#10 Drain Inspection Camera

Drain inspection cameras are an innovative tool that makes fitting pipes and diagnosing problems much easier. This handy bit of tech can be used for all types of tasks, including inspecting pipes, locating blockages, identifying leaks, and accurately inserting components.

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Unsure about something? Check out these helpful, ready-answered FAQs: 

What Plumbing Knowledge Do Janitors Need?

With plumbing tasks, janitors don't need the same level of expertise as professional plumbers. However, some basic understanding is essential.

For example, treating mild blockages (such as a clogged toilet), knowing signs of leaks (including moldy walls and water stains), and handling basic fixtures (like tightening loose faucets) are all necessary knowledge for janitors.

If you're a janitorial professional, equip yourself with the best plumbing tools from Buy Direct . We have a huge selection of equipment and products, including toilet plungers, heavy-duty sink unblockers, plumber's tape, and more! Save money on best-selling products by shopping in bulk today.

How Do Professional Plumbers Maintain Plumbing Tools?

To maintain tools, plumbing businesses will clean them after every use with a heavy-duty industrial cleaner, such as the Ultra Germicidal Bleach by Boardwalk . This prevents dirt and debris from building up while maintaining the cleanliness of plumbing equipment. Proper storage is another important maintenance factor. Ensuring your plumbing tools are stored securely will prevent damage and loss.

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What's the Best Tool To Clean Pipes With?

Drain snakes, also called drain augers, are the best tools for cleaning pipes. This handy equipment works by weaving its way down pipes and slowly rotating to dislodge and push stubborn debris that's causing blockages.

Cleaning solutions, like the Green Earth Bioactive Solutions PUSH Drain Cleaner by Betco , are also helpful. Powered by enzyme-producing bacteria, these formulas break down matter quickly, making it easier to clear pipes.

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