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How To Choose the Right Trash Can Liner

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K Garden

Too often, people choose the wrong type of can liner, which is either too big and wastes plastic, too small and inefficient, or the wrong material for certain types of waste. By ensuring you choose the right trash bags for your company's waste receptacles, you can enhance the efficiency of waste disposal operations, save money, and reduce plastic consumption.

In this guide, we unveil key areas to consider when purchasing trash bags, including correctly identifying what material and weight capacity bags your business needs. Whether you operate a busy office , warehouse, restaurant, factory, or medical establishment, this blog will help you easily choose a quality trash bag that suits your organization's disposal needs.

Dive in and get a step closer to maintaining a clean and efficient environment for employees, customers, and visitors.

Achieving a Snug Fit: How To Identify the Right Garbage Bag Size

By choosing the right size trash bags for your business's receptacles, you can reduce plastic consumption and achieve a perfectly snug fit, eliminating the pesky problem of bags slipping into cans and garbage spills. Let's find out how to choose the right size...

Identifying Trash Can Gallon Size

If you're unsure of your receptacle's capacity, don't worry! Here's the easiest way to identify the gallon size with a measuring tape:

1) Measure the Circumference: Wrap the tape measure around the top of the bin, just below where the lip is, to get the circumference.

2) Measure the Height: Keeping a firm grip on the tape measure around the top, extend the remaining tape measure all the way down the side of the bin to measure the height.

3) Select the Right Bag: Once you have identified the bin's dimensions, use this general gallon size chart to choose a trash bag that matches the approximate capacity of your bin:

55 Gallon Container Bag: For bins, it has a circumference of around 40-45 inches and a height of about 48-50 inches.

44 Gallon Container Bag: Typically for bins with a circumference of about 35-40 inches and a height of around 40-42 inches.

32 Gallon Container Bag: Usually fits trash cans with a circumference of around 30-35 inches and a height of about 33-35 inches.

23 Gallon Container Bag: Best for containers with a circumference of approximately 25-30 inches and a height of about 28-30 inches.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) vs Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE): Which Do You Need?

HDPE and LLDPE bags are suited to different environments and can handle varying types of waste. Here's an overview of either trash bag material to help you choose the right one for your business:

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Trash Bags

Best for: Smooth, Non-Sharp Materials & Heavy Loads

HDPE trash bags are a great choice for outdoor garbage cans because they boast UV resistance , which ensures they can withstand prolonged sunlight exposure without breaking. They also handle different weather conditions well, including extreme temperatures and moisture, making them super weather resistant .

However, HDPE bags are highly rigid . While this ensures durability, it also makes them more susceptible to puncturing, meaning they aren't suited to sharp objects. 

Nonetheless, HDPE bags can handle heavier loads of trash, so if you intend to throw away large volumes of outdoor trash (like green garden waste ), paper, disposable cups, plates, towels, or cardboard, this material is a fantastic match.

HDPE are also chemical resistant , so you can even use them to dispose of all types of substances, including solvents, cleaning agents , medicinal waste, and oils.

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Trash Bags

Best for: Rough, Sharp Materials & Lighter Loads

LLDPE is an incredibly flexible and stretchy material. This ensures its tear- and puncture-resistant properties , making it perfect for sharp object disposal , such as forks and knives, nails, pins, broken glass, and so forth. LLDPE bags work by absorbing the impact of sharp edges and stretching around them to avoid splitting and punctures.

Although LLDPE is exceptionally tear and puncture resistant, its lower rigidity makes it more susceptible to breaking from heavy volumes of trash, so it's super important to avoid overloading these bags .

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Understanding the Different Types of Can Liner Seals

Aside from choosing the right gallon size and material, can liner seals are another important factor to think about. The three main types of seals are the high performance star seal, gusset seal, and flat seal. Each design delivers its own benefits, making them suited to various applications.

High-performance star seals are the most common type of seal found on trash bags. It doesn't have any gussets , meaning there aren't any weak points, ensuring the risk of leaks is minimized. 

Star seals also boast an adaptable design that conforms to the shape of trash cans while ensuring even weight distribution , preventing pressure-induced tears, and maximizing carrying capacity . This makes liners and garbage cans with high-performance star seals perfect for containing and transporting heavier loads of trash.

Gusset seals are a flat-style design that's rarer than easy to come by. This seal style only has two sealed layers in the center and gussets on either side, which presents a higher risk of tearing and leaks . This style is suitable for lightweight loads of soft materials , such as paper, tissue, and textiles, but can't handle anything heavy or sharp.

A flat-seal bag has a two-dimensional shape (similar to a pillow case). It's relatively strong but still presents the risk of leaks because it lacks reinforced seams and extra protective layers. It also doesn't conform to the shape of trash cans or other designs, like high-performance star seals. 

If you're disposing of heavy and dry loads , you can rely on this style, but be mindful that it won't adapt to irregularly shaped garbage .

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Have a question about choosing the right trash can liner? Check out these helpful, ready-answered FAQs:

Does Trash Have To Be in Black Bags?

The color trash bag you choose depends on the type of waste being disposed. Black liners are suitable for general waste, such as food and non-recyclable materials. If you are recycling materials, a white transparent trash bag is required. For hazardous garbage, such as biomedical waste, electronics, and chemicals, its essential to use yellow trash bags .

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What Is the Difference Between a Can Liner and a Trash Bag?

Can liners and trash bags are the same thing , though some manufacturers may label bigger bag styles of trash bags and smaller styles of can liners . When shopping for commercial waste disposal solutions, you'll most likely find more results searching for trash bags rather than can liners, as this term is more common.

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Are Bin Liners Necessary?

Absolutely! Bin liners are essential for efficient, hygienic, and safe waste disposal and management. They ensure waste is contained, preventing leaks and spills while making it easier to empty and clean waste receptacles.

Bin liners also ensure waste is safely disposed of, which is especially important in environments that handle potentially harmful materials, such as sharp objects, medical waste, raw meat, toxic chemicals, and so forth.

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